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Restore photoshop file with layers after crashing

last night, i'was working on a project and I didn't see that my laptop's battery was going to dead, . After a while it became dead and went on hibernate mode, still i didn't plug the charger to it. ...
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Prevent Photoshop from trying to recover PSDs?

I've got a pretty old computer at work and that causes problems with photoshop. When I boot up Photoshop, it always tries to load back the latest .psd file I had opened, as a recover (probably doesn'...
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Is there any way for me to recover an older version of an existing PSD file?

Been working on something, I see it in the recent list inside PS, but it cannot be opened. I saved the latest version but would like to recover an older version of the existing PSD file or be able ...
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Reassociate arw to xmp file [closed]

My usual photo editing process (yes, I don't use Adobe Lightroom) is as follows: I open my arw file in Camera Raw and modify them there (creating a xmp file) I generate the jpgs I retouch the jpgs ...
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InDesign File Missing

I'm sure of the file location and name, but it isn't there today. InDesign was crashing with an earlier version of the file so I think it deleted the file somehow. There might be some temporary ...
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