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Questions about the action of applying a color, pattern or gradient within a defined area often defined by lines, strokes and/or borders.

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Transparent path/stroke fill in Illustrator

This is an odd request and something I've never had to worry about in Illustrator until now. I'm building out a logo that will be printed on a shirt. Instead of having a solid black border around the ...
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How can I remove text from an image?

I have the following image with written text over it. The image is a flat .jpeg, so I don't have access to the layers: Click image for full resolution As you can see, the written text ("SPACE&...
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Photoshop. How to remove all white space, background + unenclosed space [duplicate]

Hi everyone here a problem I have, basically I want to remove all white from this image so I can paint beneath the illustration. When I remove the white using magic eraser or the magic wand I'm ...
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Is it possible to get Inkscape's bucket fill to entirely fill regions marked by lines?

I've noticed there's a slight gap between shapes and lines in which bucket-fill is applied (to the enclosed areas found therein) and the colour fill in Inkscape, is there any way of removing this gap (...
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Why can't I use the Delete key to delete in Photoshop CS6?

The previous version of Photoshop I used was CS4 and whenever I selected a portion of an image with the magic wand and hit Delete, it simply deleted that portion of the image (rendering it transparent)...
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How to fill in areas surrounded by line segments?

I have a rectangular shape and I added an "extension area" to it with several line segments and closed it back to the rectangle. Specifically, I clicked on an anchor point off a corner of the ...
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How to generate vector pattern of random dots with specific density?

I want to make a field of dots. Primary Dots should be randomly placed I want to specify the density of dots (e.g. 10 dots per inch, 40 dots per inch, or 20%, 60%) Secondary Dots should not touch ...
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Gradient effect with dots

I was trying to create a gradient effect using dots, but not using the halftone effect. Examples of what I'm trying to achieve can be seen here: and here: I was hoping to achieve this in ...
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Illustrator space around outline and removing shape

I've used "//" and "\" to create this "W", and have made them into outlines, as I'm trying to give the different layers a colour, as well as having a white space where the lines touch and I would like ...
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Is there a simple way to fill in a grungy font to make it solid?

I'm looking to make the entire letter solid. I want to complete the grungy white space and fill it out with solid black. Is there a simple way to do this?
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How can I replicate Photoshop's content-aware fill in Gimp for Windows?

I want to remove an object from a photograph based on the surrounding patterns. In photoshop I could use the Content Aware Fill Tool, but there doesn't seem to be any built-in alternatives for Gimp on ...
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9 votes
3 answers

How do I achieve this "Out of Sync"/mis-registration fill style in Adobe Illustrator?

What is an easy way to achieve this "Out of Sync" Color Fill style? I'm using Adobe Illustrator CS6 and I think there is an easy way to do this with the way Illustrator is set up, but I'm not sure ...
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3 answers

Make fill translucent but keep stroke opaque in Illustrator

How do I set the fill of a rectangle to be 50% opacity, but keep the stroke at full opacity? The transparency panel controls both fill and stroke. I want to set them independently.
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How can I split a complicated line into different fill-able groups?

I'm working with Adobe Illustrator for the first time, and I'm coming across something that I think it can do, but I can't find the right Google-words to find it. Ok, first, here's an image to show ...
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How can I easily add color to unclosed shapes?

I've got a line art drawing of a dragon that I'm trying to color. I don't necessarily care if I use Illustrator, Photoshop, or Sketchbook Pro; I'm just trying to figure out the best way to color the ...
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Low Poly Problem in Illustrator - White Lines Around Shapes [duplicate]

I made this Low poly image (zoomed in version of just the eye). I followed all of the steps and I couldn't have done anything wrong: If you look closely, you can see these white lines between every ...
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Technique for filling color to grouped objects

I created a simple straight line using the Pen Tool. Then I made 3 copies of it and grouped (Ctrl + G) them together to make a square. But now I can't fill a color for it. Even if I do it does not get ...
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Painting areas inside an illustration - Illustrator CS6

I am having problems in filling my illustration with colours. I usually do these things by creating separate shapes or so but now this is done more by separate paths and I am confused. The shape ...
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How to fill a shape with color in a way that doesn't follow the outline?

I have created this shape in Photoshop and exported as PNG: I then imported it to Illustrator and now I am trying to colour it exactly as the logo below. Any help?
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