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Questions tagged [fine-arts]

fine art is usually thought of as being compositions and objects created purely for aesthetic value. It is often set as an opposite to applied art; objects and composition that serves some external purpose.

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Logo redesign suggestions [closed]

I have a client who wants to redo his website logo redone. He don't want to use or incorporate cliches like such as the magnifying glass and buildings. He wants a "pear" to be his logo/branding to ...
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Rotring 0.6 ArtPen alternative? [closed]

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good calligraphy pen that could serve as an alternative for the discontinued Rotring 0.6 ArtPen?
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How strong lighting should I have in a studio where I work with only paper and pen?

I have a studio where I never use a computer. I only work with paper and pencils. How strong lighting (how many Lux) should I aim for if only using ceiling lights (LED at 6000K)? Is 1000 Lux enough? ...
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Fine Art Printing: Inkjet Printing vs Screen Printing

I print fine art on coated-canvas using a professional inkjet printer. The images are very clear and detailed. I have very little experience screen printing, but I have read there are ~300 dpi screens....
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Design books with quantifiable, real world resources (vintage)?

I am looking to pick up a few reads. I am mostly interested in the fundamentals of design such as space, hierarchy, balance, etc. but beyond the scope of the basics. I have been through the fine arts ...
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What is it called when you place text over an image?

For example, in this album cover: Is the text "imposed" over the image? What is the right word for placing one layer of design on top of another?
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What design and art concepts were art students/professionals discussing in the 70s?

I'm wondering: If you were [conditional, I'm not asking for people who were actually there] an art (or printing, or advertisement, I'm not sure what the title would have been back then) student or ...
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What does an artist who wants to learn graphic design need to know?

There's a (very popular) question that discusses tips and resources for learning graphic design already, but it's from the perspective of programmers who want to get in the game. I have a friend of ...
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How to study anatomy as an artist?

I am painfully aware that nearly all my paintings and drawings seriously lack in terms of proper anatomy. The figures often look unnatural, twisted, deformed etc. More advanced colleagues told me I ...
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Texture with simple brushes/traditional media

I know that for creating texture on their paintings many digital artists use texture overlays or fancy custom brushes. But how to achieve similar effects using only simple brushes? Are there some ...
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How to capture likeness in a portrait?

I'm having a problem with capturing the likeness of a person I'm trying to draw a portrait of, and I was hoping you could point out where I'm making the mistake and how can I improve. Basically, the ...
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7 answers

How to improve angle and proportion perception?

Im having a bit of a problem with my perception of angles and proportions. While I compare some elements of my drawing to each other, they seem to be fine. In a portrait, say, the browridge seems to ...
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What are the benefits of making gesture drawings?

As far as I know, most art schools have exercises or even whole classes focusing on making gesture drawings. But actually, I'm wondering, why bother with it? While it probably has some merits, but ...
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