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How to refocus blurred image like this?

Ok so I looked this image editing from 9gag and I searched little bit but couldn't find any info about it. The first looked like this And then it was edited into this What program is this? Is it ...
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What does After Effects' "Focus Distance" correspond to in real-life cameras?

In After Effects' 3D camera settings there's a nifty one called "Focus Distance". Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects by Chris Meyer and Trish Meyer says: Aperture’s not-so-evil ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Name of the technique used to simulate eye focusing?

Our teacher told us that the Mona Lisa painting uses the effect sfumato which stands for the fact that the borders of the face are blended more than the nose and the eyes. However, from the Wikipedia ...
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Button Focus effect with inkscape

These two images are pause-buttons for a program. The first one shows the button in its default state and the second one when it is being focused on. I am wondering how the person, who made these ...
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2 answers

How can I create a smooth mask that allows me to multiply the already existing blur?

The question is very simple, and it surprises me I couldn't readily find the solution by googling: I want to reduce the depth of field of a photo in Photoshop. I expected to find something that allows ...
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26 votes
4 answers

How or why do your eyes move away from a focal point to other elements?

In studying composition, we're told to pull the viewer's eyes into the frame using a strong focal point, and then lead his/her eyes into moving around inside the frame and hold his interest inside the ...
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For the main image on the landing page, can a dark contrasting background help increase conversion?

BACKGROUND OF PROJECT Initially I envisioned that the header would have an image that can span the entire width of the page. I was thinking centered, and it would be so wide that as you stretched it, ...
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Photo effects in Gimp: How to improve color, depth of field, etc

G' day dear Graphic-design-experts, I am new to Stackexchange's Graphic Design and I have no clue if this is the right place to ask, so bear with me and steer me in the correct direction if i am ...
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How do I create an image with blurred background and focused foreground? uses this image as background: How is it done, and how do I edit an image to look like that? I use Pixelmator and photoshop, thanks!
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3 answers

How to draw attention to a specific area of a design?

What are the best practices for drawing attention to specific parts of a design?
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