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Questions tagged [font-weight]

The weight of a particular font is the thickness of the character outlines relative to their height. in CSS, <code>font-weight</code> property is used for setting font-weights (SURPRISE!)

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OpenType 'calt' feature behaviour between font tyles/weights OR how to make a glyph correspond to any other font next to it?

I'm looking for a solution for my connected script font which has multiple weights in its' family (light, regular, bold) The problem: Individually, the styles work perfectly fine and letters/glyphs ...
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Can this font style naming be fixed?

I am relatively new to "Fonts". I assumed this was a Google thing. I think the idea of these font libraries is great! A naming convention like this that crosses the boundaries into other ...
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Use variable font to thin larger headings

I remember Microsoft Office 2007 introduced a style of headings that got lighter as the heading size got bigger. Now we can use variable fonts in websites, what about keeping the colour the same, but ...
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how to get used text details on gimp

How can i get used text details like font-family,font-size,font-weight etc from a psd file in gimp
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How to combine font weights and font sizes together?

I do a lot of UI design and because of this, I normally have to use pretty neutral fonts like Helvetica and Droid. In order to add a bit of flair, I'll use different weights and mix things up between ...
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Does changing a "regular" font with font-weight in CSS make it actually bold? (i.e. another font file)

I am a web developer and I am working on a project which uses Quicksand Light/Regular/Bold as font. The web application's standard font is Quicksand regular but there is also text which is lighter and ...
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Get an overview of the fonts used in a .psd (including weight and italics) so I can optimize my webfont import and exclude unused variations?

When converting a psd to web, it can be tedious to figure out which variations of the font that I'll need to include as a webfont. Currently I just take note of the font as I come across it, but it'd ...
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How to Group Font Weights [duplicate]

I have a pet peeve when I download free fonts on the web and once they install all the weights are their separate font. Is there a way I can put them under one font that way I can just change the ...
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"semi-bold" font in Photoshop

Is there a way to adjust a font width between normal and "Faux Bold" in Adobe Photoshop? Or define how thick will be a font while "Faux Bold" is set?
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Keyboard shortcut for making text bold in Indesign CC

I know the shortcut ⌘⇧b works only if you have the bold variant of the font in question installed. For me, it works smoothly for Gill Sans. But elsewhere, where I'm using Adobe Garamond Pro, it's not ...
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SVG font-weight changes when rendered in html

I have a logo in SVG format that I am using on a UI Prototype I'm creating using HTML5. I created the SVG using Inkscape. Today I noticed the logo's font-weight has changed, and I can't seem to change ...
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Origin of numerical font weight descriptions in typography

The CSS specification (among several others) establish that, when selecting a font, the font-weight may be described using numerical descriptors ranging from 100 to 900 at 100 increments, where 400 is ...
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Should an arrow be the same weight as the text?

I am creating a directional sign for an apartment building "Units 1-5 (arrow right) Units 6-10 (arrow up)". If I make the arrows the same weight as the text they do not stand out very well. Is it bad ...
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Thick "Initial" font, with a particular "S"

I want wondering if anyone knew of any commercial-free fonts where the "S" doesn't curve down, but instead the ends go horizontally? I'm having a hard time searching for something with that kind of ...
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