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Footnotes are notes in the bottom of the page, referencing parts of the main body text.

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GREP to select footnote text and make it inline note

Now I am finished with my magazine for sighted people and want to get it ready to Braille for the blind. In the process, I need to change the footnotes to inline notes. Is there a way to use GREP to ...
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INDESIGN: How to align text vertically to the top of a tall line

Please see attached image. I have notes that are numbered, some include images. Notes 14 and 15 are sitting at the bottom of the line, How do I get them to sit at the top like 16 and 17?
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Adobe InDesign: How can I change the location of the footnotes?

I need to change the location of the footnotes. Instead of the footnotes being at the bottom of the page, they should be in the side column of the main text. I also need it to be exactly on the ...
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Inconsistent length of divider line on footnotes imported from Word to InDesign

I've placed a file with footnotes from Word into InDesign, but the length of the divider line is narrow on some and full column width on others. I've applied a paragraph style to achieve the correct ...
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InDesign not applying footnote separator formatting

Does anyone have any idea why this isn't being applied? I want a full point and an emspace after the footnote number before the footnote text, which is what I've told it to do but all it's doing is ...
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InDesign: gap between footnotes

I need to reduce space between footnotes in InDesign. Please see image below: "Space Between Footnotes" in "Document Footnotes ...
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InDesign Cross reference footnotes numbers

—The goal/problem I am writing an academic thesis in InDesign CC 2019 (14.0.2) on mac OS 10.14.6. There are A LOT of footnotes. I hence use the automatic footnotes of InDesign a lot. Up until here, ...
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Placement of footnotes text inside boxes or sidebars

I'm wondering about footnote placement in a nonfiction book that has both ordinary running text and boxed text (like sidebars). The boxed text consists of short paragraphs that are set apart from the ...
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Dagger used in text as a reference

Should a dagger (obelisk) come before or after its reference word? This symbol looks like a cross, sometimes refered to as a printer's mark (†) used esp. for references.
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Does someone know of a script to automatically put specific texts as footnote text?

A little while ago I made this post. Because of that I can automate placing footnote references where they are needed. Now the problem is that the actual footnote texts are just placed randomly in the ...
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Punctuation space after number in footnotes

I'm working on a journal in which there is a lot of footnotes. (17 articles, aprox 30 pages each with at least 30 footnotes). I use superscript nested style to make the number of every footnote in ...
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Typography/Typesetting: Footnotes of footnotes? [closed]

Is it possible (by which I mean »allowed«) to create footnotes within footnotes? I am working on the design of a very intricate scientific publication and this question came up during a discussion of ...
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