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Creating complex animation for web

This question is a rebirth of How do you animate SVG for the web? with little additions to modern realities. My question is this - how to create complex animation for the web? By complex animation, I ...
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How does web developer make use of Adobe XD?

I am a beginner in web development and design and I want to make my websites more attractive. So, I have started learning Adobe XD. But I cannot see how exactly I am going to make use of it in ...
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Graphic appears blurry in Chrome and oversharpened in Firefox

I exported the images on Adobe XD. For some reason the graphics on my page appear blurry in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and oversharpened in Firefox. Also in Google Chrome when I go inside the ...
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Dev environment & tools for designers

I'm wondering what kind of dev environment and tools are reasonable for web designers? We've hired someone who is familiar with css and html but not really git, github, the command line. This is ...
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How do you create a product design documentation?

I'm working as junior UX/UI designer in a company. I'm in charge of (re)designing the application, and setup some design in the company process. I want to create some sort of "design documentation" ...
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How to bring Illustrator CS6 file to Illustrator CC and still use CSS Extraction

If I've begun a project in Illustrator CS6 (a high fidelity mockup), can I later copy and paste this content into Illustrator CC and still expect to be able to use CC's CSS Extraction functionality on ...
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How can I use AdellePE Bold font in css?

I have a text whose font-family is AdellePE Bold I am wondering how can I use it in our CSS? .blog-text { position: absolute; top: 200px; font-weight: bold; left: 100px; color: ...
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PSD 2 HTML/CSS/JS - are "redlines"(help guides) and 2. grid lines not the same thing?

I have 2 PSD projects with 2 different types of blue-sky guide lines: I heard that in 1. PSD there are so called "...
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How relevant is retina.js to my web projects?

I am currently not using a Mac for my work, but I came across retina.js while surfing the web. I would like to know if it is necessary to include this library into my web projects? If I don't, would ...
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Studying Graphic Design for Web Design

I am a total noob to the idea of web design. The internet is full of half answered, left open ended, super vague information. I know some HTML and CSS. As for designing, I don't know where to start. ...
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How to render icons with crisp edges in Illustrator

This is mainly a question about the quality of logos/icons used in Websites. I create logos/icons using Illustrator but when I see icons on professional websites (see image and links), they look crisp ...
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Exporting SVG Icons With a Bounding Box

I am a front end developer creating a rather large icon set for a site, I've settled on using Grumpicon because it provides the deep layer of support I need as well as allowing me to do some size ...
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My text won't center in Dreamweaver (using bootstrap)

I'm creating a website in Dreamweaver using Bootstrap, and I'm having trouble getting my text to centre in any of the columns. I've tried changing the CSS to as follows (as an example): .p9 { ...
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What is the "best way" of converting a design into a working application?

NOTE: I'm perfectly aware that this can be subjective, but I think it's a very common task and any advice is potentially useful for other readers. Feel free to edit the title and/or question, if it'll ...
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Is Balsamiq good enough to produce a mockup/exmaple of a site to present to a future client?

Is Balsamiq a "Stage 1" product and part of the initial design process for producing a mockup/design for a client or can I be used solely for this purpose?
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Web Design Sizes

This is one of my major issues these days. I'm using 15" Retina Macbook Pro. When I'm designing websites in Photoshop I normally use following settings, width = 2560, to make it easy to view on large ...
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How to transfer information to the development team? [duplicate]

I am a UI team lead. I detected that the topic of "how do you want the graphics?" is a very hot topic in my company. And I find myself always giving the same explanation. I would like to give like ...
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Is it possible to hide part of an adaptive web design on smaller screens?

This is the News page of my firs adaptive website. The full height is shown (the scroll-down part is also included). The terracotta sections on the horizontal line are for placing news feed images, ...
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Organizing PSDs for developers

Is it ok for designers to not organize PSDs before giving them to developers? If not, how do you prepare your PSDs for developers? I'm asking, from the perspective of a developer.. the designers I ...
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How can I test the responsiveness of my non-hosted website on my phone?

I wonder if there is a similar tool to Skala Preview (it is for live preview of photoshop work on your iPhone via Wifi) to test my web design (index.html and its assets folder) onto mobile phones (...
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Do theme developers create their own graphics?

I'm a developer trying to strengthen my design skills. The problem lies with my expertise being in code versus design. So my question is, when creating a theme to sell, and the focus is the ...
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Drag and drop based website design/development IDE? [duplicate]

I want a easy-to-use, drag and drop based website design/development IDE for frameworks like bootstrap, foundation, etc...
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How to hire a graphic designer?

I am developing the backend for a website. I always had the trouble of making an attractive design for my websites and have never hired any graphic designer yet. I have no logo nor web template. What ...
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