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In color reproduction, including computer graphics and photography, the gamut, or color gamut `/ˈɡæmət/`, is a certain complete subset of colors.

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Should Pantone colors outside the RGB gamut be avoided?

A product or graphic design can exist either in the form of a physical object/print or on a digital screen, which is where most people today consume media. Therefore, when specifying colors it's ...
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Does the gamut of a CcMmYyKk printer differ from that of a regular CMYK printer?

I have access to a CcMmYyKk inkjet printer at work and it seems to my eye that results are smoother (which makes sense since there would be less halftoning going on), but also that we are able to ...
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Out of Gamut warning for rgb

I have an ai. document and set it for RGB color mode. I then picked the bright green (r=0, b=0, g=255) and it says image is out of gamut and won't print properly. There must be something I'm missing ...
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Photoshop colour picker with only colours within the printable gamut?

Something bemusing me: I've been using photoshop for ten years now (admittedly much more in RGB than CMYK), and today a brand new never-before-seen problem presented itself to me. I'm working in CMYK,...
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Why do professional print houses use gamut-limiting CMYK?

I recently had some business cards printed, and was warned to use the CMYK colour space if providing TIF files. When I tried saving from Paint Shop Pro to a CMYK, of course the colours came out very ...
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Why do I have to use a gamma of 2.2 when using a JPEG picture?

During the rendering process, the texture file has a gamma of 2.2. But the plain colors do not need this gamma correction, especially if the RGB values are from a spectral characterization. So why do ...
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How to use all colors in Illustrator? Remove out of gamut checking

I just can't make pure blue (R=0,G=0,B=255) circle. It says "out of gamut warning". If I press "fix" or something, it makes color black but not blue. I don't need this "service". How to bother out ...
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