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A glyph /ˈɡlɪf/ is an element of writing: an individual mark on a written medium that contributes to the meaning of what is written.

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What is the widest glyph in Arial?

I'm designing a div container that will contain some rows of text. Every row can contain 0 to 35 chars. I need to specify a fixed width for the div, but I cannot predict how "wide" the string can be. ...
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Is this Dutch IJ ligature suitable and readable to native speakers?

I'm designing a display typeface and have designed, for the Dutch capital IJ digraph, a ligature that combines the "I" and "J" to form what looks like a broken "U". Here is a comparison of my "IJ" ...
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28 votes
5 answers

What is the difference between Glyph and Font?

I was going through one document and I came across this term 'glyph'. The term was new to me so looked into wiki for its definition. I felt both glyph and font is same. Am I correct? Else please tell ...
17 votes
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Where and/or why is a slanted hyphen used?

I was reading this version of White Fang and I noticed that the hyphens connecting words are slightly slanted to the left. I have never seen a slanted hyphen before and googling it did not yield any ...
12 votes
2 answers

How to design the letter ß (eszett or sharp S)

When designing a typeface, how should I design the letter ß? Looking at existing typefaces there seems to be a some variations of how the character is designed. It seems that the letter (called an ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How should I approach designing special characters I am unfamiliar with when designing a typeface?

When designing a typeface there are a number of characters that I, as an English speaker, have never used, rarely seen and simply don't understand. These characters fall in to a number of different ...
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6 votes
2 answers

How to know which of my fonts do or don't support certain glyphs?

I have a long list of glyphs with various Unicode points across several Unicode blocks that I need to represent in a monospaced form (which mean with a single font). How I can know which glyph the ...
4 votes
1 answer

Implementing the Dutch IJ digraph as a ligature

I'm designing a display typeface and having some trouble deciding how to implement the uppercase Dutch digraph "IJ". I have designed a ligature that combines the "I" and "J" to form what looks like a ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Typesetting in Dutch: Dijkstra vs. Dijkstra

What is the official way to typeset the surname of EWD in Dutch? Dijkstra (i and j are two separate letters) Dijkstra (ij is one letter) (I'm not asking about English. I'm also not asking what about ...
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How can I write in other languages in Photoshop?

In other languages, alphabets can combine characters into symbols. I don't know if Photoshop can do that. Is there a clean way to do it, or a special plugin (preferably free)?. Maybe there is some ...
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