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Graphic Styles are using within Adobe Illustrator to retain the settings of the Appearance Panel.

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Is there a clear "Cycle" in UI/Grpahic styling?

As you will be aware design styles go in waves, IE flat, clear/opaque, curved, fades, tiles, minimalist, retro, halftone etc etc - often styles come back into fashion, and often it is a design ...
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Low quality photo

I have created a photo size of 350*200 pixels. The problem is when I add it to my website it's showing blurry a little bit. Blurry is not good. How to keep the same size but a higher resolution?
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AI - Save as PDF with clickable image

I am new to Adobe Illustrator graphics design. I want to know how to save a designed artwork as PDF with objects that are clickable. For example, i create a rectangle, fill it with some style and i ...
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Saving text effects as graphic styles in illustrator

I created text effects a few times before and tried to save them as graphic styles by sliding the finished text into the graphic styles panel. But when I do this I just get a blank white box. Its the ...
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What art style is used on this Bing (DALL-E) generated image?

This is an image I created with the Bing image creator, that uses the DALL-E model for image generation. How this particular art style can be described? Note: I haven't specified any particular style ...
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What is the 60 30 10 color rule?

What is the 60 30 10 color rule for website? How to choose the best color scheme for your website?
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What does the handover for a mascot should have?

We hired an artist to create a mascot for us in 2D. The idea is the handover should help further designers in creating all kinds of designs, which can be a comic strip or an ad-campaign using the ...
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make png files name as layername+groupitems

I tried this on svg first, but the come didnt well, anyone know? So I want the name is Layer and group visible only case Layer Bono (O) grup A (.) grup B (.) grup C (O) Layer Delta (O) grup D (...
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How to make colorful liquid effect

This is a graphic from a Japanese artist called Mitsuo Katsui. I have been trying to figure out how I could emulate that liquid multi-color effect as well as giving it a slight glow as seen in the ...
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Anyone know what this graphic style is called or how to recreate it?

The graphic style of the type kind of reminds me of the old HBO title sequence.
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How to start designing T-Shirts?

So it's possible that I could have a few clients (Minor music brands) that would like me to design some T-Shirts for them. I don't know where to start. I can work Illustrator and Photoshop CS6 and CC. ...
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