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A Unix command used to search files for the occurrence of a string of characters that matches a specified pattern.

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InDesign: grep style to move single i words to next line

I need a Grep style in my paragraph styles in InDesign that makes sure that the letter i cannot stand alone at the end of a line, but will always move to the beginning of the next line. I have a ...
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Automatically convert H2 to H₂ when typing in Indesign?

I have to regularly type the word H2 into documents for my job. I always forget to make the 2 subscript I've been watching David Blatner's Indesign secrets and I figured I could use either, commonly ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How to do a wildcard / GREP / regex find-replace in Illustrator?

InDesign can do advanced find - change AKA find - replace using GREP rules AKA regex AKA regular expressions which allows all sorts of wildcard rules and automation. Is there any way to do the same ...
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InDesign GREP everything between two consecutive returns and a digit(or)return

Say I have some text in the following format: What I am trying to style, using GREP, is the beginning of every new paragraph (that comes after an empty line), until a digit or return is reached, so ...
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Can I automatically apply a different paragraph style to all paragraphs beginning with a specific character style?

I'm laying out a very long encyclopedia which has lots of entries. The title of each article is inline with the first paragraph (each entry has multiple paragraphs), but does have a character style ...
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text on different lines with different styles, colours, leading and baseline shift, can it be turned into a paragraph style?

I have a text box with text on different lines with different styles, colors, leading and baseline shift. Is it possible to create this as a "standard/ master version", so that whenever any ...
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