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A Unix command used to search files for the occurrence of a string of characters that matches a specified pattern.

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Adobe Indesign: How to look for the first line in each paragraph

How can I look for the first line in each paragraph, and add a line break after it?
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Adding a title before several paragraphs of a certain paragraph style

In Indesign, I need to insert a fixed title (something like - "law") before each group of paragraphs of a certain paragraph style, and another title right after it (something like - "...
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Does someone know of a script to automatically put specific texts as footnote text?

A little while ago I made this post. Because of that I can automate placing footnote references where they are needed. Now the problem is that the actual footnote texts are just placed randomly in the ...
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Change all uppercase letters in a named style to initial case (Indesign Grep)

This is my first post here. I have Peter's (forgot his last name) excellent change case-script so I can do the replacement with no problem, but the find is baffling me. I have a glossary where the ...
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Removing "space" in a data merge if not all names have titles to start with

I found a great reference on here for using Grep to remove a double space in a data merge if some names have a middle initial but others do not. But what do you do if the issue is at the start of the ...
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Indesign script to automate order list by last name

Every month I have to order a long list of names alphabetically by last name. Is there a way to do this all in one single script? This is what I am currently doing: Use a GREP to place the last names ...
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GREP to select footnote text and make it inline note

Now I am finished with my magazine for sighted people and want to get it ready to Braille for the blind. In the process, I need to change the footnotes to inline notes. Is there a way to use GREP to ...
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Can fonts be displayed as contextual character combinations?

Looking for way to do a handwriting font but where certain letter sequences or patterns display together. Would the method be to put the two or three or four letters together as one, as uncommonly ...
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Use GREP in Indesign to replace PAIRS of typographer's (curly) quotation marks

Current format: “This is a quoted speech, which said ‘another quoted speech’ is best.” “However, what about their ‘discussion’s speech’?” Intended format: ‘This is a quoted speech, which said “another ...
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Find a string between 2 static element groups

I want to find all textblocks in InDesign with Grep that are between "Article: " and "— " I already tried to understand what they do here:
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How to make GREP match everything between two markers, regardless the Forced Line Brake occurance

I'm wondering if it's possible to make GREP "jump over" the Forced Line Brake (FLB), while he is searching for particular keyword. I have a text frame containing multiple Companies described by three ...
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