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How to wrap text on a tire

I'm trying to wrap a pattern brush I made in Illustrator around this tire so that it looks convincing. It's the Goodyear logo, but I'm having trouble making it look like the Cooper Cobra logo. I was ...
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Inkscape Voronoi Diagram (Delunay Triangulation) Tutorial Causes Error Message

Good Evening, I am having the same problem to a Posting some Years ago. I have worked through previously suggested solutions carefully & dilligently. I believe my problem may be System Related; [...
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Structural Diagram

Hi, I'm new to adobe illustrator. I'm trying to create this exact diagram with the grey axis plane. I can make the T shape by making the T using two rectangle and extrude it but I cannot change the ...
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Can design like this be created in Affinity Designer or Photo?

How can such design as below be created with Affinity Designer/Photo or it's a 3D design? I also can't understand how the layering works in here. Are those rectangles of different colour and ...
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