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HSB refers to Hue, saturation, brightness, a variation of the HSV color space.

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Get exact color with Hue/Saturation layer on Photoshop

I have a card with colored borders. I want to have a way to change easily the color without redo my border (because of the pattern on it). Currently, I have a Hue/Saturation layout with a mask on my ...
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What is the difference between brightness and luminance? (HSB vs. LAB)

I've been trying to understand the difference between the brightness or value component (as part of HSB/HSV) and the luminance component (as part of LAB). I've read this short article on xrite which ...
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Is there a way to create/modify colors in InDesign with an HSL or HSB picker?

CMYK, LAB, and RGB are all perfectly fine ways to pick colors, but for many purposes I find HSL (or HSB) to work better. Is there a way to add/display an HSL/HSB picker in InDesign? Right now I copy ...
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How exactly do blend modes work?

I've done some homework Googling but I'm still confused as to how exactly blend modes work. So according to Wikipedia, this post and this post, the way blend modes work is to use various formulas on ...
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What is it meant by "same chroma"?

Why does smashing magazine, in this article, say the colors in this site have the same chroma? How can one find same chroma colors using HSV or HSB model? Edit: I've tried to also desaturate on ...
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Are there combinations of hue-sat-brightness equal?

So I coded a customized palette-creation script but when copying palettes to and other pieces of software I notice something weird: Occasionally when I create a colour it will slightly ...
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Iterating between pastel colors with a constant perceived luminance?

For my app, I'd like to create a horizontal, hue-only color slider for picking pastel colors: At the moment, I do this by simply using the HSB color model and keeping my S and B constant. However, ...
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Photoshop: how to change the saturation retaining hue and brightness?

I would like to to change the saturation of all the color of an image to a fixed amount retaining the original hue and brightness. One could think that this is easily achieved by the sautration ...
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Does hue/sat/lum offer a smaller range of colors than RGB?

All values of RGB should be unique and distinguishable, meaning there are truly 256*256*256 colors. In HSL, however, if L=0 then H and S can be anything, but you still get the same color (black). ...
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What is HSB really?

Can any of my graphics designer friends explain HSB to me? I know it's hue/saturation/brightness and I know what those three do (for the most part)... I understand the algorithm of creating colors ...
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