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Questions about how to create, expand, and maintain a visual identity for a company or brand.

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What's the difference between a logo and branding?

Are they the same thing? Or does branding = logo + colour palette + typeface? Edit: Just to highlight that I asked about 'branding' - which I definitely hear used to mean solely visual elements - ...
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What kind of goals would come out of a rebrand?

When I'm designing a website or a print publication, I find it is quite straightforward in asking a client what their objective is. It could be anything along the lines of: Increase awareness of ...
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35 votes
11 answers

Critique: Tritium software logo design

I am looking for a review for a logo that is going to be shipped with a project of mine. I wanted to keep it simple and clean, with a high level of appeal so that no one will really dislike the ...
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Can I make changes to the Facebook 'f' square logo like removing the background?

The Facebook Do's and Don'ts say that I'm not allowed to modify the logo. I don't want to modify the logo, I just want to use the white 'f' without the blue backdrop. Does anyone know if this is ...
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Non CMYK color in branding?

This is an identity designed by Pentagram. The blue used here is not a CMYK color. How do use such colors in your branding when there is print involved ?
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What is corporate identity and what does it contain?

As question explains, I did a search on the web and didn't find a suitable answer, even in wikipedia. Can anyone please explain it to me?
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Why are precise measurements frequently included in brand identities?

In pretty much every brand identity I've seen, there are graphs, geometric shapes and lines and grids, measurements (with whatever arbitrary base units) and whatnot, drawn all over logomarks and the ...
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On dynamic identities [closed]

One thing that i'm noticing is the temporal aspect of identities (and other design sub-fields as well: from digital design, installations to all types of motion based graphics) are becoming more ...
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