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Questions tagged [identity]

Questions about how to create, expand, and maintain a visual identity for a company or brand.

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Is there a list of all known national official typefaces?

Most countries have an 'official' typeface(s) that they use as part of their identity guidelines in promoting the government or typesetting legislation. For example, all UK statutes are typeset by ...
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Corporate Webdesign Manual?

For the Corporate Identity / Brand, there is usually a manual. It is a great deliverable for the client and for me as a student, it is a great way to learn about webdesign. While there are many ...
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When deciding upon pricing a identity project should the price include print costs?

I am looking to start my own freelance business in Wales and am researching pricing, particularly that of "identity" projects. In previous roles I was never privy to the pricing of jobs. ...
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How to develop separate visual identities for different educational programs on the same website

I have been asked to work on a visual identity project. The company is an academy (parent company) which has a single website. However, the academy separates its programs into 4 fields of music ...
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Help finding a logo I remember but can't find

I'm trying to find a logo I remember. I think it was for as courier company and it was a mythical/classical style face profile graphic of a man with headdress flowing.
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