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Questions about how to create, expand, and maintain a visual identity for a company or brand.

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Double sided letterhead design with heavy ink coverage on the reverse

I have a question for seasoned graphic designers. I'm designing a logo and a stationary including the letterhead. The back of the letterhead uses a very dark background. The question is, is it risky ...
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Black & white photocopies as posters?

The non-profit organization I contribute to has decided to stop spending money on professional print services and use black & white photocopys for any campaign (recruitment, fund raising, etc.). ...
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"Pretty" design vs "appropriate" design

Ok, I'm really interested in hearing the feedback of others on this one. I work in a company with a number of marketing managers (as I've stated in a couple of other posts)... And we have FINALLY ...
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What is corporate identity and what does it contain?

As question explains, I did a search on the web and didn't find a suitable answer, even in wikipedia. Can anyone please explain it to me?
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Need help with logo concept [closed]

I'm given this slogan to work with: "Fast Forward, Rewind, Pause, & Unwind". And I need to visually represent what this slogan conveys. This logo is for a library association. Since I'm working ...
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What imagery and symbolism would you associate with authority, knowledge and creativity?

Usually those three things tend not to go together and I'm struggling to come up with concepts that combine all three. Any ideas? This will help me with research on an identity project I have coming ...
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What's the difference between a logo and branding?

Are they the same thing? Or does branding = logo + colour palette + typeface? Edit: Just to highlight that I asked about 'branding' - which I definitely hear used to mean solely visual elements - ...
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