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Questions tagged [imagemagick]

Imagemagick is a cross-operating-system bitmap manipulation software package, run from commandline and programmable through a variety of programming languages.

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4 votes
1 answer

Convert 8bit sRGB to 4bit grayscale with ImageMagick

I want to print an 8bit sRGB PNG image on an Epson TM-T88v receipt printer. The printer needs a 4bit grayscale PNG file to print it correctly. As I'm using PHP with ImageMagick, I'm not sure which ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Convert batch EPS to SVG using ImageMagick?

Is there an easy way to convert a batch of EPS files to SVG format, using ImageMagick or something else? I have thousands of vector files in EPS format and I need to convert them to SVG.
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1 vote
1 answer

Batch background removal on non-uniform images

The issue I'm having is the following: I have an archive of about 700,000 tif images that were originally microfilms. They are all black and white and are basically paper with information on it. I'm ...
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How does one decylinderize an image?

I need to decylinderize an image. How is this accomplished? (Gimp, ImageMagick... doesn't matter.)
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Make an own adjustment layer in Photoshop

How can I program my own adjustment layer (i.e. non-destructive editing step) in Photoshop? For example in order to run dithering by ImageMagick as a non-destructive editing step within the stack of ...
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