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Questions tagged [information-architecture]

The art and science of organising data and labels, for media of every kind, to develop usability and structural aesthetics.

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Tools for information architecture mockups [closed]

I often find myself making very high-level sketches of UIs in order to illustrate information architectures. For example, I want to show that a certain page displays a certain kind of information, and ...
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Does anybody know how to make these architecture graphics?

I want to make a 2D architecture plan with 3D elements (like trees, ..) on them, but I don't know how exactly and in which program? AutoCad, ArchiCad, Illustrator?
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How can I make this into a better dashboard?

I need to redesign a link and text heavy dashboard to make it more useable and aesthetically pleasing. The existing page looks like this: As you can see, it's basically a dump of links to other ...
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What are some alternative layout options for product tables that have a lot of repetition?

I'm working on a print product catalogue where each product has all of its variations listed in tables. I've just encountered a product that has 120 unique sku's, which ends up spreading the table ...
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What is the purpose of always locating/starting new chapters on odd pages?

I notice that in every book I have always start a new chapter in an odd page and it leads me to wonder why. I have some written work that's about 40 pages long and 7 chapters; should I follow that ...
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How to create 'sub' tables of contents for each section in a table of contents in Adobe InDesign?

I have a document with multiple sections that has a table of contents (TOC) at the beginning, which includes h1-h3 styles for the whole document. I want to create a sub TOC for a single section that ...
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How can I make my design blog's information more useful / accessible? [closed]

I have a blog which contains information about design/ research methods. I want to improve the UX and make the information more useful and importantly actionable. What steps can I take to achieve this?...
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How to visually differentiate between manual and automatic edit capabilities

I'm having some difficulty find an icon or solution to differentiate operation in the same table, but with different origin. In my table I have operation imported from a central system and others ...
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What is a good color scheme to use in describing layers of an application? [closed]

In the technical documentation of my application I want to split up the modules in different layers, e.g. (starting from the top): Reporting layer Business logic layer Volatile data layer Basic data ...
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How can I make my headings stand out and Cyrillic text easier to read?

I have designed a web page that looks like this: I'm not a designer, and neither is my boss but he has asked me to design and code a web page. I'm happy with the header (and it's good inspiration :D)...
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Using which software can I produce network maps of this kind?

I found this image few years ago. I don't remember where I found it but it really helped me in teaching all the networking concepts to my students. I mean, picturing network like this has somehow made ...
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5 answers

How to make a book with multiple title levels less confusing?

I am designing the layout for a textbook. The book is organized into themes at three levels: Modules Units Lessons When looking in the table of contents, this organization is easy to ...
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Is having a skills bar chart on a resume a good idea?

I was looking at the resume in this question, and I noticed the skills bar chart. I've seen this on several designers' resumes and was wondering if it is a new fad, if it's something that I should ...
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How to lay-out a list of links so the intended reading order is apparent?

I have a site (no CMS platform) that has a list with links. The list consists of 14 links, each referring to a pdf file. If someone wants to read the content of these files, they must follow a certain ...
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