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Questions about using the Inkscape vector-graphics application. Questions about how to install the application should go on Super User. Questions about scripting should go on Stack Overflow.

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Exporting an object as svg from inkscape

I know that Inkscape does not have the ability to export selected objects as svg, but is there a workaround that people have found that works?
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How to draw an arrow in inkscape

I would like to add an arrow to an Inkscape project. I read this question but it didn't tell how to actually make the arrow: Set the colour of arrows in inkscape
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Getting rid of Whitespace in Inkscape

Is there a way in Inkscape to set the boundaries of the svg file the way they would be set if you export as a bitmap? I want that there's no whitespace above, beneath, right or left of the object ...
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Using the shape of an object to cut the object beneath it in Inkscape

I'm editing an svg in Inkscape and I have an object on top of another object. I'd like to use the shape of the top object to cut the object beneath it. For those who are familiar with GIMP, I'm ...
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75 votes
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How to convert a square SVG to all-size ICO?

I've drawn an icon in InkScape and would like to export it to an ICO file that would include sprites for all the reasonable resolutions (16x16, 32x32, ... 256x256 etc). How can this be done (without ...
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How do I select an object that's below another object in Inkscape?

A common problem in Inkscape is that you want to select an object but another object always gets in the way because it completely obstructs the background object or because the two are too close ...
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How to export an Inkscape SVG file to a PDF and maintain the integrity of the image?

Having trouble getting Inkscape to export PDFs cleanly and there don't seem to be many helpful resources out there. In particular, transparencies are difficult - sometimes the transparency will ...
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2 answers

In Inkscape, how do I add a white background?

Currently, the saved svg file has a white and gray checkered background, which I assume to be because the background is transparent. I am trying to make this a white background. I viewed other answers,...
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Inkscape: scale with keep aspect ratio as default?

I know that I can keep aspect ratio when scaling images by pressing the Ctrl key. But I really don't like this default. Is there a way to modify inkscape, to make scale and keeping aspect ratio the ...
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Snap to grid in Inkscape

How do I set up snap to grid in Inkscape? I have a grid enabled but snapping doesn't seem to be working. This answer pointed me in the right direction but still didn't solve my problem. I am sharing ...
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Inkscape: (easy) way to create curly brace / bracket?

How do you draw a transformable (rotation, resize, ...) curly brace or bracket (this: { }) in Inkscape? I am aware of this thread and its solutions. One can import such an item from Openoffice, or ...
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50 votes
4 answers

Create hatching in Inkscape?

How can I create hatching in Inkscape? I want to create plain hatching like you would find in an engineering drawing. (I am not interested in "artistic" hatching like the "rough" hatching Inkscape has ...
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Inkscape: Dropped shadows are always cut off. How to prevent this?

When applying a drop-shadow filter in Inkscape, the shadow is totally cutoff and not resized properly. The paths are ungrouped and just a simple connected path that has fill and stroke style. The ...
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How can I preserve border width when scaling an object with Inkscape?

I want the borders to stay fixed in Inkscape when I'm resizing an object. I found these buttons in Inkscape v0.48.3.1, but they don't seem to work. Is there any other settings that I should turn on? ...
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Inkscape: Changing default canvas size

Is there a way to customize the default canvas size in Inkscape?
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Professionals: Would you choose GIMP over Photoshop and/or Inkscape over Illustrator?

I know Adobe's solutions are more advanced, but, as professionals, do you think you would survive (against competition) using GIMP and/or Inkscape instead of Photoshop and/or Illustrator for your ...
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40 votes
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How can I color a pattern in Inkscape?

How can I color a pattern in Inkscape without creating a custom pattern? I guess this should be possible, but can't make it work. I draw a square and fill it with a color (green). Then I choose a ...
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How to put one object both in front and behind another object at the same time?

I've attempted (as a test) to make a circle with a bar going through it. The bar should go under one side of the circle and over the other. I've done this by splitting the circle into two objects, ...
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How to delete the path between two nodes, but not the nodes themselves in Inkscape?

I have a contour object, and I would like to delete a part of it (a line). So I converted the object to a path, selected the Edit paths by nodes tool and deleted the unwanted nodes, now I have the ...
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2 answers

Change gradient colors in Inkscape

How can I change the color from which to which the gradient should be changing in Inkscape?
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Is it possible to "invert" an SVG file? Not the colours, but the actual areas/paths?

I have an SVG file, and I want to create the opposite of it. It's a monochrome icon, and I want a version where the logo is transparent and the rest of the rectangle is filled paths. In theory it ...
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39 votes
2 answers

Remove background based on color in Inkscape

There is a classical way of removing background in Inkscape using Bezier curves. This is often quite lengthy process. Is it possible to remove the background of an object based on background color (e....
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Inkscape 0.91: Scaling several objects while keeping their original location

This is something I can do with Illustrator, and that I would like to reproduce with Inkscape 0.91: I want to scale up several identical objects and I want these objects to remain exactly at the same ...
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37 votes
3 answers

I want to draw straight lines but can't figure how to give them a stroke

I am new to Inkscape. I want to draw simple straight lines horizontally & vertically but cannot figure out how to give them a stroke. They simply disappear. Wasted enough time trying to figure it ...
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In Inkscape, resize both the document and its content at the same time

I've been struggling to do something that would seem pretty basic: In Inkscape, how can I resize the document and its content (i.e. drawings) at the same time? A little bit of context: I want to ...
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How to Connect Bezier Curves in Inkscape?

You can see there two bezier curves that I want to connect together. How can I do that? My current area with the peak consists of many small bezier curves which is totally intolerable because it makes ...
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2 answers

How to underline text in Inkscape

Using Inkscape's latest official release, I created a text element, and would like to underline its text (or part of it). How to do that? I don't see any option to underline.
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Disable snapping objects in Inkscape

When I handdraw on my drawing it alway snaps to nearby objects, which is frustrating when drawing details. How can I disable snapping to objects in Inkscape ? Update I do not have this button. Any ...
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How to extend/prolong and trim/cut a straight line or path in Inkscape

I have some straight paths with only two nodes (start and end node). They are short and I want to prolong them in the same direction that the line is. The paths are oblique-angled and not horizontal ...
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Border around formatted text in Inkscape

I'm trying to create a block of text with formatting and I want to surround it with a border. I've tried the Flow into frame feature, but that removes formatting (I would like line breaks, spaces, ...
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3 answers

Mirror symmetry

Is there a way to draw mirror/symmetric shapes in Inkscape? To clarify, I am asking about mirroring the shape while I'm drawing it, not to draw it and then mirror in. I saw some videos on YouTube but ...
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How to disable the "corner to corner" feature in inkscape?

Every time I want to place an image near another in inkscape, is trying to position it close to one of its corner. I could avoid this using the Shift key, but how can I disable that feature so I don't ...
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SVG and viewBox values

I'm just curious if anybody knows how viewBox values (i.e. viewBox="a b c d") are determined. I'm trying to understand Inkscape's SVG functionality, so what I've done is created a document in ...
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Shapes not showing in Inkscape

I try to draw a square or circle and it just doesn't work. I know it should have a fill and stroke, and even when I select colors, it's not showing. All I see is a square depicting the area where the ...
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Inkscape: remove stroke preserve size/shape

I've created a path with a stroke and a fill of the same color, and I'd like to remove the stroke while preserving the size/shape of the object. Is there a simple way to do this? In other words, I'm ...
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How to create charts and tables with Inkscape?

Inkscape doesn't seem to support charts or tables, so what's the best way to create a chart/table and import it into Inkscape? Excel 2013 unfortunately doesn't seem to support svg.
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3 answers

Drawing grid in Inkscape in millimeter

If I try to draw a grid in Inkscape, there are two different options: Extensions -> Render -> Grid Extensions -> Render -> Kartesian Grid But both of them use pixel-metric(?). Is it ...
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how to rasterize an SVG without anti-aliasing

I've made a map in inkscape and now need to change it to a bitmap or .png. The map will be interpreted by a computer program which will look for exact colors so the edges need to be crisp. when I ...
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How can I cut out a section of a circle using Inkscape?

In Inkscape I first typed text, created a circle, then made two lines from the center. It looks like this now: Now, I want it to look like this with the piece cut off, which I made before: I can't ...
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2 answers

Embedding fonts in inkscape

Does any body know what is the current status of embedding fonts into an svg file that is readable by inkscape. I find the lack of embedded fonts severely impedes portability of svg files, particular ...
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1 answer

Set the colour of arrows in inkscape

I have added end arrows to some connectors and Bézier curves, but I cannot find how to set their colour, since they appear to be concerned neither by the background settings nor by the outline ones. ...
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4 answers

Inkscape: how to move text along path?

When attaching text to a path in Inkscape, it seems to attach the text to the start of the path. If it's a shape, such as an ellipse then it's often placed at the start of one of the 4 ordinal points. ...
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How do I draw a heart shape in inkscape?

I'd prefer the method to draw it using two circles and a rectangle because I think that's the simplest method. But other methods are also OK. I need a not too curvy heart. Something like this. I ...
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Quantify the area of a shape in Inkscape

In Inkscape, is there a way to automatically calculate the space / area a shape occupies? I am representing data in complex shapes and I need a way to scale them accordingly.
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Inkscape on Windows: How to change the default unit to pixels for new documents?

Creating this question, and providing the answer as well. On new documents created with the default template, the default unit is either in (US) or mm (Europe). As I work mostly on documents ...
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Inkscape: Bend a vector along a circular arc

The following screenshot shows a vector with guides forming its horizontal and vertical limits: How is it possible to bend the vector (along with a line – marked green in the image – which will serve ...
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How to create these rotated clones?

I am a beginner in Inkscape. I want to create an image similar to Yury's diagram: This is what I tried so far: I created a circle, selected it and went to Edit > Clone > Create tiled clones. I ...
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Drawing a hexagon in Inkscape

I am struggling with drawing the following diagram in Inkscape. I can insert math symbols in it, but I don't know how to reproduce the above shown hexagons. Below I have shown a diagram I tried. In ...
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Inkscape: Position a circle by its center and not the bounding box

Is it possible to position a circle in inkscape using the center? I'm designing a shape for a laser cutter and the circles are to outline mounting holes. Each hole is around 3.2mm. I know one way is ...
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How to remove a portion of a closed object, to turn it into an open object?

I would like to remove (like in cut away) a circular portion from a rectangle, leaving an open object. Tried using the Path > Difference tool, but it results in a closed object. Attached image (...
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