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How to illustrate user friendliness in an icon?

I am building a web page for a software company, where I want to inform the visitor that our systems are user friendly, among other things. I would like an icon to go with that text. Do you have any ...
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Best place for looking at top quality UI designs?

I'm basically looking for a website where I can check out many good UI designs, so I can improve my taste. I know there's dribbble! But designs on trifle are usually designed to look pretty on ...
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Where to find nice foreign language fonts

I have encountered a few nicely designed foreign language fonts like for Devanagari, but doing a search for "beautiful foreign language typography designs" doesn't bring up anything. I know about ...
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Where can I find GIF inspiration about a certain subject (find us page)?

I started working as a graphic designer two days ago. My boss asked me to create more than one gif to clarify the location of a company and when I created one and he said "I could've liked it two ...
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What role do yearly published logo "trends" play into the process of creating a logo?

Multiple blogs publish logos trends (1, 2, 3...) on a yearly basis, highlighting the various styles that have left their trace in logos branded this year. Considering that logos usually aim at being ...
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How to I achieve this look [closed]

How can I acheive this look of the colors on the pineapple? I have a series of photos that I'm wanting to apply a style like this to. Any help or ideas are much appreciated
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Can you recommend design inspiration for business graphics/presentations? [closed]

I recently landed my first freelance job, redesigning a pretty ugly Keynote presentation deck (see example slide attached). I would like to see beautiful contemporary presentations/design styles for ...
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Ways to practice design as a student without a subject or project

I am studying design in school but I want to make things outside of class. Only problem is that I cannot think of anything to design. I want to practice designing UI for games but how do I design a UI ...
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Where can I get regular webdesign exercise tasks?

Over the past year, my portfolio has become pretty leaned towards photography. I'm fresh out of university, so I don't have much client work to show. The thing is, while I can always find subjects to ...
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What is the line in using geometry based art as inspiration or considered derivative art?

ORPHAN WORK During my free time, I decided to make a Naruto Fan Art Wallpaper. In my wallpaper I wanted to put itachi as the main subject. However, due to short schedule, I changed my mind to use his ...
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Recreating 1980s graphic design [closed]

I have noticed a recent move towards, or back towards, the colours and design elements of 1980s pop music videos. Neon pinks, blues and yellows. This has been happening a lot on TV but I haven't ...
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Seeking inspiration for software suite dashboard

I am in the middle of designing a software suite's dashboard, however I am in a bit of a rut as my only source of inspiration is Adobe's Creative Cloud software suite dashboard
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How to integrate a larger cut-out group of people in a design

Is there a good strategy to integrate a larger cut-out group of people (e.g. orchestra, band, conferences, team, etc.) in a print designs (cover page, poster)? Many designs use images that keep the ...
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Is it fine to see some illustrations on Google to get an Idea?

Sometime I just stuck at a point and my mind doesn't work for the designs. Then I go to google and find the things related to my project. Is it a good approach? Sometime( knowingly or unknowingly) I ...
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Plagiarism vs Inspiration

Artists, writers, musicians, designers, businesses, even the creative DIY blogger mom at home must decide for themselves where to draw the line between being “Inspired” and “Copying” other’s hard work....
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