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Questions tagged [invision-studio]

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Invision Mobile screen display issue on Iphone

There is extra space left on my mobile screen which is not there on my Invision screen on Mac. As you can see the below image is from Invision Studio on Mac. The width is 320px but when i check on ...
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Can interactions be added to component elements in InVision Studio?

My header component contains different icons, like home, user profile, etc. Is there a way to add interactions to these elements inside the component?
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Is it possible to add an interaction to a component in Invision?

So far all I've figured out is that I can create a transparent rectangle over a button to create an interaction over a component. Is it possible to actually have an interaction on a component itself? ...
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Importing a Sketch file from Invision to computer

Is it possible to import a Sketch file that has been uploaded to an Invision prototype from a different computer than the original upload? I have tried doing with the Craft with no luck. The scenario ...
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How to rotate preview device on InVision Cloud

I'm trying to prototype landscape mode for a tablet. Is there a way to rotate the tablet device? I've been looking for like over an hour, and have found no such feature. I need to rotate this ...
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How to achieve breakpoints in Invision Studio or Figma?

How can I achieve breakpoints in Invision Studio? I would like to have single screen for desktop and mobile, while rearranging elements. While on desktop some elements are next to each other, in ...
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1 answer

How to check Mobile screen in Invision Studio app on mobile

I have created a Mobile Login Screen on Invision Studio On my Mac now I want to check the screen on mobile if the font size is correct or no if the spacing is right. Kindly help me to check my ...
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1 answer

Animating on a single artboard in InVision Studio?

I'm creating a vertical scrolling interactive wizard and currently have 12+ huge 1440x6519 artboards in InVision Studio for this one project. I only need one artboard really, but with each Next button/...
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Is there a full list of hotkeys/shortcuts for Invision Studio yet? [closed]

I was wondering if there was already a complete list of all the key bindings for Invision Studio? I noticed some unintuitive bindings such as the use of Backspace as Delete. That got me wondering what ...
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