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Keynote is a presentation software application developed as a part of the iWork productivity suite by Apple Inc.

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How to convert a Keynote file and preserve resolution of the images?

I have a situation where we start with Keynote files, must convert them to Powerpoint and then back into Keynote before I can work with them. The extra Powerpoint step is 100% necessary. The files ...
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Most believable way to draw multiple tiles on top of each other

I am terrible with graphic design but I'm trying to make a figure in Keynote where squares are drawn on top of each other to represent changes through time. The idea is to take one tile that ...
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How to turn an Indesign file into an editable Keynote

I have a client that is requesting several long documents as editable keynote presentations. They were originally built in InDesign and I am having trouble finding a way to convert them! There are ...
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Illustrator layers to keynote presentation

(I'm using AI CC and Keynote 6) Often I would have a complex diagram that I would like to show part by part animated in my presentation. Nothing fancy that would require after effects, just appearing ...
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How to import vector graphics into Keynote 6.6.1

Apologies if this is the wrong forum for my question. I'm having a difficult time importing vector graphics (svg flat icons) into Keynote 6.6.1. Any pointers are greatly appreciated. Here are some ...
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4 answers

How to export videos with transparent background from Keynote app?

I'm pretty new to Keynote app and I've created a series of animated presentations I'd like to export as video with a transparent background. I'm using its latest update version 6.5.3, so far the most ...
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Switching between templates in InDesign

I have a document that I'm currently working on in InDesign which has white text on a dark background. Graphic styles (boxes with outlines) are also light on dark. This is well and good for when I ...
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How do I convert a Keynote file to a high resolution PSD?

I mocked up several marketing materials for my team in Keynote, and I'd like to convert them into high res files (preferably PSDs or JPGs) to upload to a printing site (like Vistaprint). I've tried to ...
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