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I am looking for this font

They used this font on a simple clothing label. But I couldn't find it on the internet, paid or free. Can you help me?
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Sequential numbering in Adobe Illustrator in the same artboard

I am trying to put numbers from 2001-4000 for labels, I have also created an Excel file with the numbers I need. I haven't found a way to incorporate that file in the textbox.
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Pantone or CMYK for Product Label

We have redesigned our product labels for our supplement brand and want to know from professional graphic designers and print savvy individuals if most product labels you see in retail stores use ...
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Which program should use for an Image with description

I have an Online Shop, I'll in my Website Dress to sell, I to want habe as this image to show, My question is which program need for have same what inside of rectangle is, the Black Circle and the ...
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