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Does Krita have a "Transform" or "Warp" layer option?

I'm getting accustomed to Krita, and I'm at a point where I need to warp some line art. It would be convenient if I could keep the original, as well—at the moment, I'm simply duplicating the normal-...
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2 answers

Ink outline vs seniority of color layers

New to digital drawing, but would imagine that everyone starts with a sketched ink outline that has an alpha channel, and then from there add on color layers to fill in the transparent space between ...
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GIMP: Lock layers to be identical

I have a file I'm setting up to essentially split a background image into three parts which I can apply transformations to independently; I'm doing this by setting up three layer groups, each of which ...
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Positiong a group partly above and partly below in svg

Is it possible to positiong a group partly above and partly below in svg? If it is not possible, what are alternatives then? I could break a group and move the parts around the document to get the ...
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