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Questions about LibreOffice, a free and open source office suite.

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How can I obtain/generate a pair of fonts differring only on ascenders?

I'm doing some QA work on the LibreOffice free software office suite w.r.t. vertical alignment behavior in some scenarios. To illustrate a point, and perhaps to test a theory, I need to use two fonts ...
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How to set the resolution of pasted vectors in Word/Writer etc.?

When copying geometry from Inkscape for pasting into a word processor, how or where is the rasterisation done and where is the resolution set?
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How does one access optical sizes in LibreOffice?

I am a big fan of LibreOffice, because it is both free and powerful – powerful enough to give you complete access to all OpenType features. I am not sure whether optical sizes is something that is ...
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Powerpoint 2007 full of linked images that don't display in Impress

I recently installed LibreOffice. I have a large Powerpoint 2007 slide deck that contains a lot of linked images. None of the show up as pictures in Impress, be it in full screen slide show view or ...
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LibreOffice: Draw shape (e.g., rectangle) on top of (say) pasted image

I am new to LibreOffice. When I try to scribe out a rectangle shape or a text box, and the location is on top of a pasted image, I end up dragging the image instead. On the odd occasion, some weird ...
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How can I merge cells in a table in Libreoffice Draw?

I am using Libre Office Draw to create a brochure. The brochure has tables, and those tables contains merged cells. I am able to create tables, however I cannot find any menu entry with the option to ...
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Import InDesign character and paragraph styles into LibreOffice

I have an InDesign file with many character styles and paragraph styles defined in it, including use of the features "next paragraph style will be ____", numbering, indentation, hanging indents, grep ...
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Color adjusting tool for office printer

Our office printer is not color calibrated and probably never will be. The colors do no match the colors we get from professionally printed material based on the same file. I want to use our office ...
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Can I have vertically aligned subscript and superscript with Word or LibreOffice?

The Arithmetical Hierarchy is an example where one in mathematics uses aligned subscripts and superscripts. When writing in Latex I e.g. write $\Pi^1_1$ to talk about a certain class of formulas. How ...
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