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Questions tagged [line-art]

Questions about visualising an idea or concept with the use of lines: clearly defined edges and outlines of objects.

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How do I vary pen intensity more with my Wacom pen in Photoshop?

I have a Wacom Intuos with a Wacom pro pen with 4096 levels of sensitivity. I've always had trouble making my lines' intensity vary. What am I missing here? I know there's supposed to be a graph where ...
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Options for controlling rendering of thin lines in PDFs?

Background: When rasterizing vector graphic images (such as PDFs), there are two common options for rendering thin lines: (1) treat them like any other elements, so they might become invisible at low ...
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My lineart sucks no matter what app/brush/brush settings I use Here in the link is my lineart. I know it looks clean, but it looks nothing like this one:
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Stroke-width not associated with actual set-value (Inkscape)

When setting the stroke-width of a line, the stroke width appears to change in Inkscape (okay.. good). However I believe the amount that it changes is not actually equal to the value set. For example, ...
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3 answers

Unable to create curves in Indesign

I am new to Adobe Indesign, and I am currently using the 2019 version. So, I want to create a text on a curve line like this. The Methodology I used I tried to create this line by using 2 anchor ...
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parallel alignment

I had to do this in powerpoint but I'm wondering if there is an alternative program that does this well?I wanted to create a diagonal grid style of lines. It's actually a description of an alternative ...
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How to join two lines created by curvature pen tool

I am trying to use curvature pen tool to draw shapes, but unable to draw further lines on this shape with curvature tool. how to join curvature pen tool line with another pen tool line in illustrator??...
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How to join the two ends of an expanded shape in illustrator?

The rectangular area shows the broken path that I want to join desperately. It was originally a picture taken with phone that I imported and traced using the sketched art preset. The two ends are ...
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Deleting lines after fill in Illustrator CC

I'm new to Illustrator. always used flash for painting any vectors. drawing a shape. A lightening bolt, with lines,they over lap at the ends. how to delete the ends that hang over? and Or the whole ...
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