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Questions tagged [mathematics]

covers graphical tools and methods used to illustrate mathematical concepts such as graphs, diagrams and specific colourings.

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What is the math governing the shape of Inkscape's spiro paths?

I have begun experimenting with Inkscape's "spiro" mode for curves. Since I usually end up writing Python to create art that Inkscape just doesn't have the tools to accomplish, I'm curious what the ...
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Is there a way to insert mathematical expressions into an SVG's XML?

I'm wondering if it is at all possible to edit an SVG's XML so that M 36, 187 H 61.455844 can be more precisely calculated. I tried M 36, 187 H (36+18*sqrt(2)) to see if that would work, though ...
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Triangles with specific round corners

I'm working on a geometrical visualization project. The math stuff is done in Geogebra. Notice the smoothness of the lines. It all looks slick. When I export this project to svg and open in ...
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Affinity Designer for Windows: How to use scientific and mathematical expressions (e.g. Latex)?

Title says it all, is there a way to directly write math equations in AD?
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Are there mathematical models behind Google material design metrics?

Google's Material Design guidelines such as Typography - Style - Google design guidelines or Metrics & keylines - Layout - Google design guidelines contains many ad hoc metrics for font sizing, ...
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Coreldraw: Total Area inside Curve

There's a total length measurement on CorelDraw when selecting a curve. Is there a way to also get the area inside the curve?
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Animation in powerpoint of mathematical proofs

I'm working on a powerpoint presentation of a mathematical proof. I'm showing it using a tabel of 2 columns - one is with the mathematical statements and the other is with the rationale. Meaning each ...
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Using LaTeX and TikZ with Illustrator

When using Adobe Illustrator I wish I could just program things sometimes, like I do with TikZ & LaTeX. Are there any plugins or extensions or general workflows that can help unite these two ...
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