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Inkscape - how to (re)name symbols in 1.3?

In older versions of Inkscape, when you selected a shape in the document's shape library, there were fields for description, title and label you could set. I can't find these in Inkscape 1.3 (but data ...
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Increasing Indesign's variable text metadata options

Is it possible to expand the image metadata available to Indesign's variable text? It's a small subset of what is available in Bridge.
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Is there a way to hide metadata like the name of software/application that produced a pdf?

When exporting a pdf with InDesign or Illustrator, the file includes metadata like the name of the software that was used to generate it. I would like to know if it is possible to hide or edit the ...
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increase in file size after placing pdf files in InDesign

I created a 33 Page PDF file in InDesign where I placed PDF files of AutoCAD drawings and some images. When I export it as the Smallest file size pdf, it saved 13 MB filed, which is to large. It is ...
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Why is there a 'Minor Model Age Disclosure' in GIMP under 'Edit Metadata'?

Recently I went to Image -> Metadata -> Edit Metadata -> IPTC Extension in GIMP, and when I scrolled down I found 'Model Age', but with a 'Minor Model Age Disclosure' option underneath it. It'...
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Creating a multi-coloured SVG that can be changed to a single colour based off metadata values - clipping masks?

I'm creating a business dashboard. The software I'm using can display SVGs that can change in colour depending on criteria set by the user, which it does by modifying the fill of whichever object in ...
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Is it possible to review the ink management options I chose in a cPDF?

For creating certified PDFs, I use multiple settings like PDF standard, as well as colour conversion into FOGRA profiles. When working in a strict identity, I use 'preserve numbers' to keep the exact ...
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How to edit metadata of an image in GIMP?

I am trying to edit Title, Description & meta tags of an image(.jpg) file. To do that, I am using GIMP 2.10.8. After opening the image file I am going to Image > Metadata > Edit Metadata. Then ...
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Deleting Metadata from Illustrator file

I'm working with an Illustrator file that is very big. I've deleted all unused swatches, stray points, symbols and brushes possible but somehow the file seems to be pretty big still. This file has ...
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Distinguishing images made using different software from metadata

I am interested if it is possible to distinguish the software used to make an image from its metadata. For example, using imagemagick, a command-line tool, I can see that one specific image was made ...
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Any method to modify 'Page Information' slug in InDesign Output to PDF?

I'd like to try to include the filename of any linked .csv file in the data that is output by checking "Page Information" section under Marks and Bleeds when exporting to PDF in InDesign CC 2018. (...
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Spellcheck photoshop document keywords

Sometimes when I open the File Info and I enter the title, description and keywords I misspell some words. Is there any way to use spellcheck in File Info?
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How to insert document metadata into the contents?

I can set up the metadata of an output PDF via File → File info, but when using Type → Text variables → Define (as hinted here), something like Metadata → Title yields a "no intersecting link" - ...
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