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Illustrator: How to create realistic reflective gold surface?

I'm trying to draw a realistic gold ingot. I've been playing with some basic shapes and gradients, but realism isn't my strong suit. I mean, it's obvious what it's supposed to represent but it just ...
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Pantone Color for Gold Metal (on furniture) [closed]

we are working on creating a furniture piece made mostly of metal. We would like this metal to be colored gold. The manufacturer can only use Pantone colors to color the metal. We have located Pantone ...
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Attaching/Printing an image onto metal

I have a 507mm x 510.5mm metal sheet that I want to put a design onto. The design is rather complicated and I have no talent so painting is not an option. I'm looking for something similar to what ...
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Metal sheet with diamond pattern [closed]

I'm not sure if this question is for this website and if it's not can someone point me in the right direction but what I want is a picture/texture of a metal sheet with that tall or long diamond shape ...
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What black should I use when printing on a metal tin?

I have to make a label for an olive oil brand and the background of the label consists of an olive trunk that fades to black. What are the cmyk values which are appropriate for printing a true black ...
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What feature of Autodesk Inventor is used to bring in a vector image and use it as part of your part?

I'm using Autodesk Inventor to create sheetmetal designs for cut out on a plasma cutter cnc table such as an electrical box. After laying out a sheet in the sketch, I'd like to import a vector based ...
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Things to consider when creating realistic highlights and dark reflections on metallic surfaces

I want to re-create this white (metallic) looking skin. I've seen some tutorials in a magazine on this. If I remember it correctly, the first step is to adjust the curve to a "W" shape. I don't ...
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How to achieve a metal engraving effect in Adobe Illustrator CC?

I want to make more realistic looking laser-engraved logo mockups for clients but can't seem to get it quite right. I might need a new approach and could definitely use some perspective. Details: I ...
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What is the line resolution in the pond in A. Dürer's St Eustace engraving?

Concerning hand engraving, I was reading that: Modern professional engravers can engrave with a resolution of up to 40 lines per mm in high grade work creating game scenes and scrollwork. So I ...
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Svg transparencies don't work as CSS background

I made a translucent svg. It was a 50% opacity round metal texture. When I put it above any other color it makes it look like real metal. It was made using Illustrator and had 2 of its effects: ...
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Does anybody know a tutorial for designing the Mountain Lion background pattern?

Does anybody know a tutorial for designing the OS X Mountain Lion background pattern? I am referring to this commonly used background pattern:
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How to make a metallic gradient in photoshop

I have a line drawing of a brass instrument: and I'd like to give it a glossy brass-like texture. What tools could I use on Photoshop CS5? I tried filling it with gradients, and then adding a bevel,...
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1980's brushed metal stereo knob

How do you make the circular knobs shown at the right? When zoomed in enough, there will be a fine texture of concentric circles. I only use Photoshop and Illustrator.
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