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Microsoft Expression Web is an HTML editor and general web design software product produced by Microsoft.

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Expression Design: Why is my image blurry?

I'm trying to create a web icon using expression design. Its 45x45 pixels in size, and I've set the PPI to 96, exporting to .PNG with Antialias & Transparency. It doesn't look crisp when I look ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Generate thumbnails from a folder of images

I have a folder on my computer with some images inside it. For each image I would like to create a smaller thumbnail of the image with a specific width and height. I recently downloaded Microsoft ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Photoshop Fonts Always Italic

I've recently exported an image from Microsoft Expression Design to a .psd format, but when I open the exported .psd & attempt to create a new font layer, any font I choose will be italicized but ...
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Should I start with Fireworks, or is Expression Design comparable?

I'm looking at starting down the path of creating my own unique designs for my sites (I'm a developer at heart, and care more about things working). I'm most familiar with Adobe Photoshop, but after ...
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Slices in MS Expression Design have wrong dimensions

I'm trying to do some basic design in Microsoft Expression Design 4 (this is the best design tool I have available to me; suggestions welcome), and I'm trying to export slices by selecting a bunch of ...
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