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Design approach that derives other designs from a mobile compatible version.

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Best practice web design picture sizes and multiplier

Web Design: there are a lot of screen sizes to consider. Especially high resolution devices use multiplier. I read this very helpful article about the theory:
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How can I better convey the idea of "message sent"?

Currently, I am designing a mobile screen where the user can send a message to their friends. In order to show that their message has been sent, the upper right hand corner check-mark goes from black ...
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Mobile design guidelines and handoffs

Backstory: I have no previous digital design experience but recently started working as a UI/UX designer for a small company. This is my first job. Problem: We are currently working on a react ...
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What artboard sizes are acceptable when using 960 grid system

I have trouble understanding this one thing while learning illustrator as a web design tool. Basically, I have to create 3 artboards- for mobile, tablet and monitor, but most teachers use different ...
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Responsive design: Mobile first/only

I work in a design studio, and when we have a responsive project we usually start the full design for the desktop, and when we're done with the desktop, for the rest of the platforms we choose a ...
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Sync up photoshop canvas with mobile screen? [closed]

I was wondering if there is a way to sync up my photoshop canvas to my mobile phone so I can see live changes. I usually have it connected with android debugging to preview webpages that I make so ...
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Adobe fireworks UI to mobile live preview

I am running Fireworks on Windows 8.1 and I am designing a user Interface for Moto G mobile. Is there any simple way to see live preview in USB connected mobile phone? I don't remember but there is ...
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The easy way to modify icon color & its background color

Sorry for the question. I am new to graphic design. I am a developer. I just bought an icon bundle for iOS & Android applications. I found that the colors are only black & while. The icons ...
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How can I test the responsiveness of my non-hosted website on my phone?

I wonder if there is a similar tool to Skala Preview (it is for live preview of photoshop work on your iPhone via Wifi) to test my web design (index.html and its assets folder) onto mobile phones (...
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Designing GUI for mobile apps working in bright sunlight environment

I'm going to create GUI for a mobile app that will work in bright sunlight environment (inside a car so it will not be fully exposed to sunlight) and the usability and visibility of certain GUI ...
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Mobile First and RWD workflow and how to interact with client

Our agency's workflow for creating a website normally consists of: discuss content-design with client we create wireframes (with optional, depending on client, approval) we create one or more pixel ...
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