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Questions about Microsoft's basic bitmap editor.

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Is there a tool that can mimic MS Paint Selection + Shift + Arrow?

I know this sounds silly, but this one of the reasons I prefer to work on Windows – one feature in MS Paint... When you select something in MS Paint, you can move that selection with arrow keys. If ...
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How to draw 300 lines in a circular pattern?

I am trying to draw a spoke pattern with 300 spokes converging on a circle at the center in Adobe Illustrator. I would like each spoke to represent a different category at the end. And the middle ...
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Printing multiple pictures

Maybe this question is too basic to ask here, but I googled it, and did not get my answer. I have 15 images, each of different dimensions. All are portrait images (height>width). I want to make ...
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How can I get crisper screen shots?

I'm not sure this is the optimal forum for my question, but I made my best guess. Please advise me if a different forum would be more suitable. As you probably already deduced, I want to know how I ...
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What is the equivalent to shift-drag in MS Paint for Gimp?

In MS Paint, if you press Shift and drag a selection you will be able to "duplicate" your selection in "drag mode" (excuse my french). My goal is to extend the edge of an image to create a wallpaper....
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Howto convert a RGB8888 png into a RGBA8888 png?

Does someone know how to convert RGB8888 png into a RGBA8888 png? I am using or paint, but I cant find any way to do so.
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what causes this copy pasting bug? [closed]

I found this odd and unexpected copy paste behavior using Photoshop CC and windows 7 MS Paint Can anyone explain what might be happening here? Very ...
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How to size images independent of device?

I’m a writer and I just bought a Microsoft Surface. I often have to size images with exact dimensions to fit themes. For example, I write for a site where the images have to be exactly 1345 pixels ...
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Create a Large Image (172500x172500) in Paint or Similar Program

I need to create a large image .png with a resolution of 172500 pixels by 172500 pixels. I am using the image as a geographical map with different colours representing different heights and features. ...
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How do you square fit an image like PicsArt does using GIMP or MS Paint?

PicsArt has a very nifty tool called square fit that adds a enlarged blurred layer of your image in a now squared background Example I'm not trained in Graphic Design in any way and I confess at ...
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MS paint 256 color codes

I am using MSPaint (Windows Vista version) mainly for line drawing pixel art. When I save and reopen dithering messes with my nice crisp lines. Am I correct in thinking that if I use a palette of ...
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Editing a bitmap image

I have these two icons: Image without a tick sign Image with a tick sign I want to add a tick sign on the top image which is without a tick sign. I am a developer extremely novice in graphic design....
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Does resizing a photo in paint remove exif data?

I have some images and I want to strip the EXIF data for privacy reasons before I put them up on the website. Is it enough to simply resize them in windows paint? I'm using Windows XP X64.
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