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Questions tagged [music]

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0 votes
1 answer

Excerpts of sheet music

I need to cut several excerpts of sheet music - two or three lines - for use in an article and in a dissertation. Some of the sheet music is in Sibelius, some is PDFs, some needs to be scanned and ...
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0 votes
1 answer

Is there a way to create patterns similar to the Waveform Drawing display shown in Fairlight CMI?

I have leaned that Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument (CMI) is a kind of commercially available digital sampler in 80s. I don't know much about music and programming related knowledge. I just ...
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0 votes
2 answers

Fitting Group of Objects to Spline in Illustrator Without Warping

As shown in the image below, I have a line of sheet music that I would like to follow the curve of a line. The music is individual objects, not a picture or other single shape. I know about Object>...
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1 answer

How to design musical characters in a font?

As a programmer, I was doing some Unicode testing and I figured out that the 𝄞-character gives an awesome testing candidate. Now, 2 weeks later, I was wondering how these Unicode symbols would be ...
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