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A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication generally about one main topic that is of interest to its subscribers.

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How do I modify indesign background from previous file

I've been asked to edit the mast head for this newsletter I'm working on but I can't seem to edit the bg(The circle in multi colors) I can only delete for the first page but for the rest of the pages ...
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Which software for high quality e-newsletter in decent file size

I design an e-newsletter with graphics and text. I have been using non-professional tools up until now (layout and design in Publisher with picture editing in basic picture editor) to create a very ...
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how to change creative font in web design [closed]

I have created a newsletter in html & inline css. When I change my font, it will change to the new font on my system. But when I open another system, the font has not changed. How can I make ...
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Exporting from Adobe CS to a format the client can easily update?

I have a client for whom I've designed a newsletter. I did this in Photoshop, since it's the program I'm the must accustomized to (I know InDesign would've been the "right" choice). And now I need to ...
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Is there a standard size(width) for email newsletter design or something like a christmas e-card?

I have to design this e-mail newsletters. Some with just simple holiday cards and some more complex with offers and other stuff(images, text content etc. etc...) I am wondering if there is a safe ...
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