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A newspaper is a printed publication containing news and current events.

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Old newspaper font suitable for screen use?

I run a site ( ) which I am currently re-theming. I am wanting to change the blockquote text to reflect the original newspapers the articles are drawn from (1886-1920 era, ...
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What's the name of these graphic elements at the end of an article?

It's a graphic element used in magazines and newspapers at the end of an article, to let the reader know the text ends in that page. It can be the magazine logo, or a variant of it, or just an ...
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How do magazines and newspapers allocate ad space to perfectly fill each issue?

Magazines and newspapers have ads of different sizes and different issues of the same publication don't always have the exact same template each issue, so I assume they layout the different sections ...
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Importing HTML/CSS into InDesign layout?

I'm trying to convert an HTML page that has bold text / css in it into an InDesign document so I can lay it out for print in a newspaper in PDF format. Here is a link to the HTML page: http://...
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Are there specific considerations when sending a design to a newspaper?

I need to send a design to be published in a newspaper. I assume this must be restricted to several factors, size, color space, halftoning, etc. Are there any specific requirements?
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