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Automatically add header text to a box via object style in InDesign

I'm laying out a book that occasionally has sidebars and footnotes formatted in a box. At the top of each of these boxes, I'd like to have a tiny header that reads 'from the archives'. I'm looking for ...
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InDesign inline text wrap object

Here's my current InDesign problem. I'm given text that, when imported, looks like this, with embedded links in the paragraph: The final product has to look like this, with proper spacing around the ...
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In InDesign, How to apply an Object Style to the frames those have same specific link image?

Is it possible to force indesign search for frames by their links and apply a specified object style to them? Any Script will appreciated!
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Styles in Indesign

How should I use character, paragraph, table or object styles in InDesign to create specific spacing between elements in the example provided? My goal is that when the information is updated, the ...
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In Indesign, is there a way to delete all frames with a specific Object Style applied?

I need a plugin, or script that deletes frames with a specific applied style. Or if there is already a tool exists in Indesign please guide me there.
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How to apply a shadow to group of objects without merging in Photoshop?

I have two objects, both on seperate layers. I want to apply a shadow behind both, when I apply a style to a group or selected layers it applies it to both. I don't want to have to merge the layers ...
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putting text in front of one object and behind another object at the same time in illustrator

I want to have one part of the text on the white triangle with it looking like it is disappearing behind the image behind the white triangle. How do I make the text appear on top of the white triangle ...
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Practically making interrupted underlines that don't clash with descenders

I'm looking for a practical way to achieve pretty underlining (interrupted at descenders) in InDesign or Illustrator. See Should underline clash with text descenders? I've tried to fake it by ...
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Changing pixel glitter to a fill of vector art in Illustrator?

Imagine this situation: You have received a screenshot of an animated glitter text as a raster image, and been asked to change the text, enlarge the image to prepare for print and apply the same fill ...
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InDesign create fully rounded corners (border-radius: 50%)

Hi, I'm trying to achieve something like a CSS "border-radius: 50%" in InDesign. The left shape shows what I`m looking for, the right shape is all I was able to do. I'm using the "Corner Options" in ...
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How can I find hidden object in Inkscape?

I want to show the object which I marked as hidden before. How can I find hidden objects in Inkscape?
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Applying a Paragraph Style to a threaded text frame

When an Object Style that contains a Paragraph Style is applied to a text frame that is threaded, the Paragraph Style is not applied. This is expected behavior. Is there any way around this, or an ...
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InDesign 'find object format' by width and change, 'cannot find match'

Basically I want to find objects that are 423 pixels wide and change them. Is this possible? It seems like it should be pretty straight forward! I've been trying with 'text frame general options' but ...
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Illustrator symbolic linked objects?

I am designing a logo and I would like multiple forms of this logo. Example, I have a dark layer behind a white logo, or a light layer behind a black logo. What I am asking is how can I update the ...
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InDesign Paragraph Styles, Object Styles & GREP

New to the forum, so apologies if this has possible been covered before. I work in catalogue creation and we've recently transferred over to InDesign I'm trying to recreate our price lozenges in ...
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How to apply multiple styles to one object in Adobe Indesign?

For example I have defined two styles named "position: absolute" and "width: auto". Now I want to apply them separately to two objects, and both on third object. How to do this?
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