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Classic MS Paint updated with an new interface and a ton of new brushes and tools.

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Am I using the subtract tool wrong in Sketchup?

It's my first attempt to making a staircase with a 3' curved knee wall as a railing. I am trying to remove a portion of the curved wall along a staircase to do this. I tried to use the solid tools ...
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What can one do with Microsoft's Paint 3D?

Paint 3D seems to be a very user-friendly software; one that can easily manipulate 3D shapes and objects. I was trying to find online what cool and useful things I can do with it but I couldn't find ...
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How can you change the anchor point in Paint 3D so that a rectangle rotates around one of its sides?

When I take a rectangle and paste it into Paint 3D, the "vertical" (up the page) axis of rotation is through its centre. How can I move this axis to include, say, the rectangle's left side?
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How to crop a 3D model on paint3D?

Is there a way to crop 3D on paint 3D? If there's not, is there other friendly software to do it and then import it to paint 3D?
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I have some questions [closed]

1 - What is the difference between the following 3D programs and what is appropriate for work in terms of simplicity and professional capabilities Houdini FX Autodesk Maya ZBrush Blender 2 - Do ...
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