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How do people perceive text with i and j without dots?

I dislike dots above i and j, so I consider typesetting texts without the dots. Probably, it would be done with a glyph substitution described here. What impression would that make on people reading ...
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How to view correctly only Luminance and Brightness in Photoshop?

After looking through the info that I report below I still wonder: 🤌 but in Photoshop what is the correct (or best) method to display only the Luminance of the colors while maintaining their ...
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How to pick a different color but with the same perceived luminosity (not by eye)?

Suppose I have a certain shade of violet, like #6727AE. How do I quickly find a different hue (say, greenish) but with the same perceived luminosity (or "weight")? The goal is to have 2 ...
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How to represent a scaling object?

This is a subjetive question, however I can imagine there are answers with reasoning so I think it fits the website. I'm designing a visualization tool in a static medium (no animations) for 2D ...
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Palette of at least 10 hues with 4 lightness levels (by perceived appearance)

For a user interface I need at least 10 distinctive perceived hues, to get a palette with these criteria: The palette should have at least 10 hues and 4 lightness levels for each hue (dark, medium-...
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How do I enhance the effect of trypophobia?

For a project using synthetic images (styleGAN to be precise), I'm looking at many different manifestations of an eye. Displaying them on a grid unintentionally created a trypophobia-like (fear of ...
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What can be done to avoid your design having a second meaning?

Occasionally, you hear about a graphic that has been published, but unfortunately the designers missed a second way interpreting of it. For example, this ad that was actually published: Source: A ...
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Is there a well-distinguishable toric color space subset?

For a plot I want to represent two periodic angles with a single color. Theoretically this is possible, since a torus (think Doughnut, any surface point of which can be described via two angles) can ...
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How to get 10 different colors that are easily recognizable

I do have a list of 10 teams, each team has its own color. I do have to make the graphic that shows the teams with the respective color, and would need a way to find 10 colors that are "different ...
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Foreground-Background Perception of a Logo

I am designing a logo for my website. The following is what I have now: For most people, this logo is perceived as a trinity-type of white shape on a blue circular background. For me, it can also be ...
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Avoiding optical illusions in (icon) design

I am fairly new to the wonderful world of icon design and I have a recurring issue that I find difficult to deal with. for me, consistency in line thickness, shape sizes and colors is very important ...
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What are the pros and cons of using Lab color?

I often see suggestions of converting an image to the Lab color model when editing images in, for example, Photoshop. What are the pros and cons of doing this? Are there specific functions or tasks ...
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Why does this bronze color look so wrong? [closed]

I'm making a site where you can earn badges: bronze, silver and gold. The bronze color doesn't seem right. Bronze: #B9600D Silver: #C0C0C0 Gold: #FACC34 Does it look weird to anyone else? Or, ...
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What effect is achieved by placing protagonists close to the border?

I am watching Mr. Robot on Amazon Video and I have observed that the actors are often placed close to the border. This placement does not follow the rule of thirds, golden cut or anything else I know ...
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Iterating between pastel colors with a constant perceived luminance?

For my app, I'd like to create a horizontal, hue-only color slider for picking pastel colors: At the moment, I do this by simply using the HSB color model and keeping my S and B constant. However, ...
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Can we estimate the total number of unique still images that are perceivable? [closed]

How many unique images are mathematically possible given the perceptive ability of the human eye?
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How can the "dress" optical illusion be accurately reproduced on other images?

By now pretty sure the entire world is familiar with the "dress" optical illusion as it will one day be known. My question is how can this illusion be reproduced on other images? For those living in ...
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