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Questions about taking pictures with a camera.

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How to create a very big photo (like for a billboard) [duplicate]

So I'm designing a CD cover for my friends band. And I will have to use a photo of them for that cover. How am I supposed to create it so that it won't pixelize if they want to use that for a big ...
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Can I use my own photographs of a company's product for commercial purposes?

I am designing a music-based mobile app that will need lots of instrument graphics and sounds bytes, etc. Would I be in legal trouble if I photographed my Fender guitars and used these photographs ...
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Which file format is best for printing? [closed]

What would be the best image format for printing images or designs created with Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator or to print images form a digital camera? If I have the option of exporting different ...
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Is there a name for the type of photography or layout where items are arranged on a grid?

Is there a name for this layout?
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Large Format Photograph Printing

I've got a client who wants me to create a large format banner to go hang at the rear of his property. The bulk of this banner is a photograph of his shop, with some text at the top. For the ...
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How do I fix this photo (poor quality, saturation, color) in GIMP?

I have a photo with poor quality and lighting that needs to go in a print newsletter. There is some lighting issues, and a blue-ish color in part of the image. I'd like to fix the image using GIMP. ...
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Gimp: removing background from product images

I often have the task of making the background of product images pure white. While preserving the best possible image quality, what is the quickest way to adjust colors such that the background ...
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Editing photo dimensions in large batches

If I had the time, I would go through each and every photo to make sure that the dimensions and quality are pixel perfect. However, I'm in a time crunch, and need to make the couple hundred photos ...
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I have to get a large number of photos approved for my project. Is there an online tool or platform that can help me with this?

We've had a photographer do a three day shoot to provide imagery for the project I'm working on. From the thousands of shots she took we want to get down to an initial set of 75 images that have been ...
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DPI/PPI resolution for product zoom images

I'm working on an ecommerce site and I am trying to figure out at which resolution to save product images. We usually go for 72DPI but I believe now we should be using PPI, but also that to account ...
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How can I get this HDR or painted blur effect from a photo?

How can I get this HDR or painted blur effect from a photo in Photoshop, Gimp, Inkscape or some other software?
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