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Questions about taking pictures with a camera.

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Warp transform in GIMP doesn't work on first layer

I was following a Youtube tutorial when suddenly the warp transform tool doesn't work. Specifically, it doesn't warp the first layer compared to other layers. How can I fix this?
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Where should a render camera be placed in order to replicate an actual photo?

I am looking to replicate an actual photo with an Autodesk Maya render. However, every time I attempt a render it seems to be looking a bit down and to the left in relation to the actual photo, e.g.: ...
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Photo currently in Figma file - how to use it for print / Illustrator?

I'm looking to print a photo as part of Illustrator Artwork I'm creating - the photo is currently in a Figma file, though, and I see that I cannot export it in TIFF format. What would be the best way ...
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Need help figuring out how to blow up photo for extremely large mural

I'm working on an exhibit design and I'm trying to work out how to blow up this photo to fit a very large wall. The photograph is: 19.28 x 12.87 in, 22.3 MP, and 300dpi The wall is: 13 ft by 31ft Can ...
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Novice question about a photo that I'd like to print. Original is 72ppi (2448 x 3264 pixels)

I am an artist and I have a number of photos of my paintings or other subjects that I'd like to be able to make prints of and sell. Obviously what I print has to be the best quality print I can get ...
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I downloaded a photo from internet and after cutting the part i don't want in Photoshop it got blurred

I downloaded a photo from internet and after cutting the part i don't want in Photoshop it got blurred. I am a beginner in Photoshop and i don't know how to make it in the best quality or at least in ...
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