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Editor that can align and transform two images based on corresponding points

Say I have one image A, and another B that is similar of the same perspective. I want to pick corresponding points on each image, so that it can scale, rotate, and skew image B so that those points ...
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How can I prevent drawing Z shapes, when making straight lines in photopea on mobile?

I know how to draw straight in photopea on mobile. The keyboard button let's me press the shift key, so multiple clicks draw a straight line between the points clicked. However even if I disable the ...
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How do I make this shape as a png or svg?

I'm trying to make this rectangle with the cut off corner. I'm only managing to create a rectangle at the moment.. how do I cut off the corner? The white in the screenshot is the shape I'm trying to ...
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Mockup problem, can't paste my design

I'm working with a bedsheet/bedcover mockup that I downloaded from I'm new in the photoshop world and I am trying to learn Photopea on my phone (android). What I know about mockup is that, ...
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How can I copy a transformation from one shape/layer to another, in PhotoPea?

Say I've made two shapes as a new layer in PhotoPea. I warp or use a perspective transform (or multiple!) on one shape. Is there a way to replay or copy that change onto a different shape/layer?
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How legit is Photopea for reducing image size for website

I'm working on an image heavy website, so would really need to use a Photoshop like program to reduce file size. I came across Photopea - how legit is it? Can I use it for this job?
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How to edit .eps file in Gimp or Photopea?

I have an .EPS containing text which I downloaded. However, I don't know how to edit the EPS file ? I can load it up into Photopea, however, i can't seem to edit it like a .psd file, im confused. I've ...
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