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Questions about the design style that mimics the blocky pixelation and simple style of early video game graphics.

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How to convert every pixel of raster picture to square objects in Illustrator?

For example I have 10×10px icon. I want to produce 100 squares with correspondent color and location each. Actually, the question is how to make exact pixel mosaic out of raster image. I tried Live ...
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How can I 'blow up' small pixel art?

I have this small pixel art as example. Is there a way to make it bigger without it getting blurry or fuzzy in Photoshop?
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How to transform a pixel image in vector logo in Inkscape?

I don't know if I'm in the right place, but I would like to know how to transform a pixel image I've made into a vector logo ? I use this picture for my favicon of my personal web site. And if you ...
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Resize (enlarge) an image without resampling (in favor of quality loss)?

How to resize an image or selection without resampling the pixels? I have some pixel art that I want to enlarge without losing the hard, non-anti-aliased, pixel edges. In other words, 1px should ...
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What are Aseprite's strong points over Photoshop for creating static pixel art?

I'm in doubt of buying Aseprite for my pixeling needs, but I'm not very eager to have to learn using a new piece of software. Currently, I'm using Photoshop for pixeling, and my workflow in there is ...
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Is there a way to convert pixel art into vector?

I've made some high resolution pixel art in PS by drawing it down at the pixel level and then increasing the image size with the nearest neighbor setting to keep it crisp. In the web browser, however, ...
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How to paint the pixel I'm currently hovering on, not the one underneath it or to the right, with the 1px pencil in Photoshop?

I'm trying to use Photoshop for some quick pixel art. I have my 1 px grid set up, and am using the 1 px pencil to color in pixels. However, if the crosshair is even slightly below center of the ...
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How to make pixel art 2D 64x64 from 3D models/photo?

Such a question, need to make pixel art 2D 64x64 from 3D models/photo as a need to process pictures so they were as similar to the drawings. With a thick black outline, saw that it is necessary to ...
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Pixel art Randomness

How do pixel artists create random colours for example Grass. Some games use a Grass texture with different colours That are green and are similar. I jist want to know how people create it.
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Does anyone know a good pixel font 7px tall?

I'm looking for a pixel font which I'll use later on to convert/use on an lcd type of display and the maximum height is 7px. I've started by checking out dafont's bitmap fonts, but it takes quite a ...
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How to create random pixel art pattern in GIMP?

I just need to do the same process that was done in this post, but in GIMP. I can add noise to the image in gimp, but I don't know which sliders should I move to get the wanted effect.
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Photoshop pixelart - Pen tool draws outside of grid

I used to create pixel art in Aspire and now am trying to use Photoshop. When I use the 1px pen tool, the 1px brush and 1px grid do not align properly. What is going on?
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Object Mosaic in Inkscape?

I'm currently working on a poster project for my graphic design class. Since I can't use Adobe products outside of school, I'm using GIMP and Inkscape. For the background, I'm trying to convert part ...
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Should I use anti-aliasing built-in function in photoshop for pixel art?

Currently I'm practising some pixelart drawing for games. But when I do anti-aliasing for lines, I don't know whether I should draw them by hand or just tick anti-aliasing box in photoshop. Could you ...
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Scaled layer in background for 8 bit art

I want to create some 8-Bit artwork using gimp. Is it possible to open a larger, higher resolution image and have it transparently in the background while drawing the 8 bit representation of say, ...
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