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Questions about the design style that mimics the blocky pixelation and simple style of early video game graphics.

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What color should be use on the edge of isometric pixel art

Is there a general rule to put outline/contour in isometric pixel art and what color should be used? I know the inside can be outlined not by black but by the color used, but what about the outer ...
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can you make textures in magicavoxel?

I'm working on a project that allows the player to purchase different skins. Can you make textures in MagicaVoxel? If not what are some good programs to make textures? I aiming to make blocky 3d ...
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How to make a pixel perfect circle?

currently I'm using AI for creating icons. However, When I tried using a 1-pixel border for my circle. the arc side is pixelated can you show me how to make it pixel perfect? Thanks Please see the ...
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Pixel images to vector in Inkscape - right settings but not coming out correctly?

I read this question and it was very helpful, only when I use the options as described in Takkat's answer my image still comes out wrong. This PNG is the image I'm attempting to convert to vector. It'...
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Photoshop : Taking existing Pixel art and Automatically creating individual layers

Right here is an interesting one. For a project I need each pixel of existing pixel art on an individual layer. There are potentially hundreds of images so i cant just copy, paste to new layer for ...
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How to create a shifting colour hue in Asprite

I am new to learning pixel art and trying to study from examples, such as in the image below: I would like to understand what tools exist to simplify the shade/gradient transition effect below (rather ...
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Is there any software that can make drawing transitions for us?

I want to start a 2d game containing pixel sprite as characters. To make a walking animation, I know I need to simultanously put different sprite to make it seem like he walk and I can make it more or ...
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Any way to create an image from pixel settings?

Meaning if I were to provide coordinates and a colour for each individual pixel e.g.(7,12, #767963), specify a pixel size for the entire canvas, can I make a picture from it? Which program has this ...
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Is there a program which can do pixel art antialiasing automatically?

Problem seems to me so incredibly simple it boggles my mind it isnt a feature everywhere: When drawing a line/square/circle/any other shape the lines are automatically anti-aliased between primary and ...
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