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I can't use "texture&dehaze" when I add a mask in LRC V13

I have a portrait of a girl and I want to lower the texture only on her face so I added a mask but now I can't find options like dehaze and texture. I see people doing it all the time on youtube.. I ...
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Very difficult in Illustrator to rotate an artboard with content. Looking for a quick method

It is a mess to make rotate a simple image on Adobe Illustrator 21. Here a screenshot of the original scene : I desperatly tried to use the "rotate tool" but it is very hard to handle : If ...
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How can I create a "crazy mirror" distorted portrait in Photoshop?

I am absolutely in love with this effect. Do you have any advice on how to accomplish something like this in Photoshop?
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How to change Photoshop canvas orientation?

How do I change a canvas orientation from landscape to portrait and vice versa? For instance: There is an option with artboard/page (in AI and PS / ID) to change the orientation, but what I want to ...
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How do you invert the colors in a stencil drawing so that the result looks otherwise identical to the original?

I have a stencil image of Karl Marx. The subject is mostly white on a black background. However, I would like to create another version of it where the subject is black on a white background. I ...
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How to create such an artwork effect? [duplicate]

recently I saw this amazing picture on the internet: It's the cover of a music album (Dazzled Sticks). When you look very close to the image, you only see red and blue lines. But when you zoom out, ...
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How to fit a vertical headshot into a horizontal frame

I am frequently asked to make vertical headshots fit into a horizontal size, to display on my company's website. I'm often given low-quality images with sharp cuts to the person's shoulders or ...
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How can I reduce exaggerated wrinkles in a person's profile image with Photoshop?

I'm looking for a quick method for reducing wrinkles in an image. Specifically for images that weren't taken professionally. So ones with highlights and shadows all over the place making it difficult ...
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Is it OK to copy a person's likeness in a realistic portrait without their permission?

Suppose I am designing a set of plates for the next D&D books (which I am not, unfortunately) and suppose I need to draw a monk with a slightly sneaky face. I have tried several concepts out of my ...
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Does a feathered vignette for a child's portrait look good?

Hello I'm working on picture of a little boy. I think the upper left corner of the picture needs something. Does this feathered vignette look good and professional? What might an alternative be?
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what's the easy way to create low poly background by adobe illustrator? [duplicate]

eaxamples: look at these background and portrait
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How to bend text to create a typography portrait in illustrator?

Trying to create a self portrait, I've already tried Envelope Distort---> Make with Mesh as I saw in the article link below, but the text gets distorted when I just want it to bend alone. Can you tell ...
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Portrait Photograph, How do I get this

I am trying to achieve the runny ink look below on a portrait of a girl I took yesterday. At first I thought this look was the result of an error in the development process, but seeing other versions ...
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What kind of art is this one?

I need to do the avatars of my team work. And i like this one but i really don't know what kind of arte is this.. I hope you can help me. Thanks..
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