Questions tagged [post-press]

Questions about handling printed materials after they have been printed. Examples are trimming, scoring and folding.

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What is the safest / most precise way to convert spot colors to process in post production?

I work in prepress production at a publishing house and often times only have access to .PDF cover files which contain spot (pantone) colors from their former offset printing days. Because I set up ...
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Publishing a RAW file after retouching RAW in photoshop

Ive been requested by a magazine to supply photos in a RAW format. We get the files as RAWs from our photographer, but then touch them up / colour balance etc. Is there a way to then republish them ...
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How to trim by hand using crop marks?

I'm quite new to printing graphics. I understand why crop marks are used when printing, and on the face of it, they seem quite straight-forward to use. However, when I went to trim a document I have ...
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