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Questions about pricing work and ways to discuss this with clients.

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When deciding upon pricing a identity project should the price include print costs?

I am looking to start my own freelance business in Wales, and just researching pricing. Particularly that of Identity projects. In previous employment, I was never privy to the pricing of jobs, at ...
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How would I write a contract if this client wants to use illustrations for multiple pieces?

I am a graphic designer with a full time job in digital marketing at a grocery chain. With that being said I have very limited knowledge of pricing artwork for freelance purposes and have been known ...
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How do I charge for editing client work?

A regular client operates a restaurant and I’ve designed ads for them. Often these ads need tweaking: promotions, sale etc. How do I best determine a way to charge them?
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I want to sell the rights to all 100+ of my artworks to a game developer or any other interested company

I'm an artist who is inexperienced to the world of art licensing. I have 136 artworks in a similar art style, all of which are food.png graphics, and I can see them being useful to a game developer ...
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Contract Writing and Pricing

I am trying to figure out how to write a contract for a design service, and make sure my pricing is fair. Any help would be greatly appreciated have no idea where to start with the contract. I have ...
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how much should I pay my graphic designers for clothing? [closed]

I have 2 graphic designers working for me right now, one a senior level, and the other is at amateur level. WE'RE currently paying per design by a fixed cost and commission. The senior graphic ...
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How much will it cost to create 3 completely different InDesign 24 pages Report Templates?

My client asked for a quote to create 3 different A4 InDesign templates with different page layouts, font families, colour palette, chapter separation styles, all the heading and paragraph styles set ...
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Not fond of time related pricing - what's a better way?

I'm still struggling with pricing. How does one best calculate flat rates for commercial design or illustration work? I don't like the hourly rate thing. I just can't seem to properly gauge the amount ...
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I find it impossible to quote for a logo design as I never know how long it will take? Any tips I can accurately quote?

I am able to quote for most design tasks (brochure, business cards, leaflets etc) relatively easily, as I have a rough idea of how long I think these will take. But when it comes to designing a logo, ...
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Should I be charging for the social media versions of designs?

I'm designing A1 posters with a Facebook header and Instagram post version of each poster. I'm charging hourly for the posters, but should I also be charging for the time it takes to design the ...
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How to get feedback about our prices

I sent prices to the client and did't receive a feedback. What is the best way to ask, is my price ok for them? How do you think a phrase like "How do you like our prices?" would work?
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I'm a beginner: my client won't answer simple questions I've asked to aid design, what to do?

It's my first time designing for any one Email sent:. Hi [Client]! If you wouldn't mind answering a few questions I need to know so I can communicate your brand better and have a better sight as ...
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Calculating the price of a transfer of copyrights for artwork

I have been asked to design a set of 20 different posters for a big packaging company. This client requires an estimate price for the design service. After giving them an estimate, they are now asking ...
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I feel like I am undercharging myself and there is nothing I can change about it

I am a 16 year old graphic designer who mostly does logos for clients. Since I was a little kid, I somewhat understood colors, fonts and shapes. My friends told me that I could be a nice graphic ...
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I underpriced a prior job, how should I tell my client that I'm charging significantly more for new work?

I made a mistake last year by underpricing an illustration work. What should I do now that the client is back with new requests? The client has contacted me to ask for new work, without mentioning a ...
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Is it okay to set a project price significantly higher than the printing costs?

I was asked to write and design a 2-page flyer (A4 size) for an industrial product. I would like to charge AED 1000 for this job. I was also requested to find a printer and get the flyer printed (...
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Should I increase the price for a recurring client?

If I've had a client since my first years of career, and he remained a recurring client for 3 years, is it fine if I increase this year's quotation (accounting for inflation and a "seniority rate" of ...
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How to charge if design will be mass produced for sale

How would you charge if you're tasked to do a book design (images and text provided) that will be mass produced for sale. Or anything that will be mass produced in general. Do you charge a flat fee or ...
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Royalties Vs. selling designs: What can and can't I do?

I'm Graphic Designer from Australia, and I run a business that is mainly operated over the Internet (i.e. over Instagram, Facebook, Email) I create custom illustrations of peoples cars, normally ...
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How does licensing & pricing work for a design that a client will use on Tshirts (for sale)

I created an illustrated design for a client for use on fliers and on their website- and I simply charged a flat fee for the design work. Now, they're reaching back out to me because they would like ...
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Client buys logo but wants to buy other concepts too

I have a client that hired me to design a logo for them. By our contract I supplied them 3 concepts from which they chose one. After all was said and done the client asked to buy the other 2 concepts ...
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Should a designer have to tell you what their mark up % is? [closed]

I asked my interior designer what her percentage mark up is on product and was told she can not tell me that. Am I wrong to feel this is not right? I feel as the customer I should be given this ...
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Should clients pay twice for the same fonts used in different projects?

Suppose a client ordered a project and paid for the typography I used. Some time after, 2 months, 5 months, or a year later, for example, the same client wants a new project using the same typography. ...
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What usage rate should I charge? [closed]

What is a good formula for determining a usage rate for clients that want to purchase native files? Thanks for your input, Kristy
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Pricing considerations when doing logo work for an agency as a freelancer

I've read this post and a few others: What price should I charge for design services? And Jessica's Hirsch's Dark Art of Pricing. However, what are the considerations when an agency wants you do to ...
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What price should I charge for design services?

I was hoping I would find some people in the industry that could help me decide what's the best price to charge to design (in this case) business cards. What are standard prices for professional ...
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