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Procedural art uses computers to generate the art algorithmically rather than doing the image by hand. Examples include Fractals, and extreme image manipulations.

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Creating shockwave vector in Gimp

Being completely new to Gimp, I can't seem to create something like this: Any direction on how to proceed? I started out with creating a circle with ellipse select tool, then filling it with brush ...
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Tool to create generative / procedural abstract art for website backgrounds

I need an abstract, unobtrusive background for a website, something similar to or Is there a tool that can procedurally generate such images with great variation? It should have many parameters that ...
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How to make something generative / procedural like this? Slint Spiderland Art / FutureNeue

Pretty new here, but have had stackexchange pop up enough on Google to know that this is probably the right place to ask this. I've long been intimidated by anything procedural / generative, but have ...
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Automatically Insert Ink Traps

I think ink traps often look pretty good and I wonder if they are really designed to serve an optimal purpose, which can be modelled as given a shape S, finding S' such that d(S,I(S')) is minimized, ...
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Generate vector patterns from a mask?

I'm working on a project for which i'll need a lot of motherboard graphics like this one. Since it will be a lot of work to do it by hand, I was wondering if a tool to automatize it would exist. The ...
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How to generate procedural/algorithmic vectors?

I'm trying to find tools to achieve this kind of patterns and looks that seem procedural or algorithmic. So far, the only way i think i could achieve this kind the results is tweaking with the blend ...
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How to calculate a good background for a small image? (procedural background) [closed]

I want to frame favicons. A size of a favicon is usually 16x16 (could be bigger). The frame would be 160x100. Favicons have different shapes and colors (I don't know ahead of time what favicons look ...
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How do you describe the color characteristics of this gif palette and how do you change it?

Substrate by Jared Tarbell is a procedural art work in the Processing language that I'm discovering again. Here is a screenshot of the program's execution on my computer: The program uses a .gif ...
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What is this kind of pattern called and how is it created?

I've seen quite alot of these the best way to make a pattern like this I found was to make a blurry image with a buch of colors (similarly to this image blurred @50px or so) get that into illustrator, ...
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