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Procreate is a raster graphics editor app for digital painting on iOS and iPadOS.

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How to achieve this style of digital paint?

I would like to know to in which way can I achive this style? Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop/procreate? As you can see, it is looks like pen markers with Playing with pressure.
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Procreate brush overlap

I have tried everything to change the brush in Procreate so that when I color on the same stroke the texture won't overlap but nothing works. What should I do?
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Placed PNG is grainy (display and export), no scaling applied, original PNG is fine (300 PPI, 5000 x 5000 pixels)

I'm fairly new to graphic design so there might be some basic vocab misunderstanding around resolution and pixels but I haven't been able to problem solve this: PNG created in Procreate on a 5000 x ...
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Automatic wraparound tiling painting app? Like Procreate symmetry, but without mirror reflection

I'm looking for a painting/graphics app (non-subscription and preferably free) (iPad or Android) that can use a pressure stylus and can do wraparound drawing. Something similar to the "Mirror&...
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How to convert Procreate brushes to Photoshop?

I have a brush file with the extension .BRUSHSET. I realized it belonged to Procreate software. Is there a way to convert it to a brush for Photoshop?
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Procreate for iPad Pro: How to multiply a (multi-layer) item many times in an efficient way?

I got the most recent version of procreate for iPad (2020), and I create an object with its one bundle of layers for texture and colours. However, I would like to make 100-200 or so copies of this ...
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