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The concept of adding useless features in preparation for manager review

I cannot remember where I came accross the following concept, nor the name of that concept. Maybe you could help me. The concept is about a trick of consciously adding a useless/bad feature to a ...
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How to distinguish between graphic design proposals

I received a number of Web design proposals for a project I'm working on. Most of the proposals are extraordinarily generic; the only thing that I, as a non-design person can easily distinguish ...
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Challenge to manage multiple language translations

In our open source project for medical supplies, we face the challenge in the illustration team to manage translations of text labels in imagery for manuals and animations separately of the actual ...
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How to deal a freelance design project remotely?

When a client approach a designer via social media to make a design job, how to deliver that project to the client keeping a security payment? The designer can't just mail the project and wait for ...
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Project going on longer than expected - how to bring it up to client?

So I read this but I have different circumstances: I was contacted to do some freelance design for an ad agency. The project was supposed to be a rush job and finish within the week. It's three weeks ...
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Design Management Software

I like keeping a rigurous control over all the design works I do, because that way I can keep a record and track all my work with clients, prices, times, type of designs, etc. Right now I'm doing ...
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How to add hidden notes to developers within designs mockups?

At a high level, I will be managing a web design team that will be working with onsite developers on a large ASP.NET project developing website, mobile website, and mobile app versions (Android and ...
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